Gayatri Mantra 24 Powers Colors One For Each Syllable

The Gayatri Mantra has, 24 Syllables, 24 Rishis, 24 Meters, Chandas,though  Gayatri itself is a Chandas, and 24 Devatas, Presiding Deities, That is One for Each Syllable. Gayatri is vibration, sound. As science confirms energy is convertible. Each Syllable of Gayatri is a Vibration and as a whole the Gayatri produces a Vibration in addition… Continue reading Gayatri Mantra 24 Powers Colors One For Each Syllable

Marrried Men Women Are Brahmacharis

It is called Urthvarethas,

Meaning that the semen flows upwards through the Chakras in the body to reach the Sahasrara in the head,

This Celibacy is called Naishtika Brahmacharrya.(not allowing the semen to flow down)

Bhishma is a Naishtika Brahmachari.

He is the only Naishtika Brahmachari, apart from Hanuman.

This is the reason, why Devavrataha, was called Bhishma, one who does the Impossible.

In the case of the Grahasthas, so long as their object of physical interaction is to produce progeny without Lust, they are also rated high in the scheme of things.

King Janaka is one such.

Mexico Aztecs Followed Hinduism Caste System Upanayana

A festival called Sita-Ram (Situa – Raimi) was celebrated in Mexico during Nav-Ratri or Dussehra period which has been described on page 5867 in the book ‘Hamsworth History of the World’. ( read my post0

Both in Central and South America, there are found Sati cremation, priesthood, gurukul system, yajna, birth, marriage and death ceremonies to some extent similar to the Hindus. When Pizarro killed Peruvian King Atahualpa his 4 wives committed Sati—or self sacrifice..

Upanayana For The Blind Dumb Procedure

I received a call yesterday from reader in the US whether there is any procedure for performing the Upanayana Ceremony for the Blind and the Dumb and whether they are exempted from performing the Sandhyavandana.

In the earlier days the Blind and Dumb were exempted from Upanayana ceremony and consequently the Sandhyavandan.

Taking into consideration the importance of Upanayana and performance of Sandhyavandana, Sage Kapila has laid down rules for performing the Upanayana ceremony for the Blind and the Dumb.

All the procedure for Upanayana are to be followed for these handicapped.

But the father must chant the Mantras (for the Dumb)