Shiva Domes In Russia Vatican Roman Baisilica US Capitol

I have been sharing articles about the presence of Santana Dharma throughout the world and all religions ,cultures have their roots Sanatana Dharma.

I have also written on the sacred places around the world and how Sanatana Dharma is intertwined with these places.

When one looks at these places,people’s culture,beliefs,legends and religion and places of worship,one finds them related to Sanatana Dharma.

Mecca,Vatican,Solomon’s Temple,Mount Ararat…..

Shiva Linga in Mecca Video

Saint Peters Vatican Aerial view

Twenty World spiritual sites

Please read my articles under Hinduism category or Google search the intended term+ramanan50.

I have published the unique positioning of Hindu temples in 79°.

Three of Shiva’s Pancha bootha sthalas,Temples representing the Five Elements of Nature,Earth,Walter,Fire,Air and Ether, are located in a straight line.

Eight Shiva temples , straight line

And there is the temple in Gujarat,whose Dwajasthamba,the ceremonial Flagstaff of the Temple and Antarctica has no land in between.

No land between Somnath Shiva Banasthamba Antarctica

All religious places of Judaism,Christianity and Islam have some relation to Hinduism.

I am not alone in my theory.

I have information from a Jewish Site that states the worship in the above religions has its roots in Hinduism.

Construction of places of worship,

Method of worship with the help of Rosary,


Method of Praying,

Wearing of dress during religious practices.

Now I am reproducing the portion about the important landmarks around the world and how they are traced to Hinduism,Shiva and His temple construction.

*I do not subscribe the view that Shiva linga is a Phallic Symbol.

Shiva domes in world.image
Shiva as Domes in world

The Abomination Of Desolation: Identified
The messenger Gabrial was sent to speak to Danial about events in the future, and the abomination of desolation was referred to.
Danial 12:11 describes the setting up of an abomination, a common Hebrew interpretation for an idol, or image.
Yahusha brought this up in His description of the end times at Mt. 24:15.
An idolatrous image or shape is involved that is associated with desolation, and it is set up (built) in a QODESH place, a reference to the Temple Mount itself.
The “destroyer” in the Hindu trinity is Shiva, whose image is primarily the crescent symbol, associated with a star, representing his wife Shakti (avatar of Parvati).
The Shrines of Shiva (the destroyer) typically involve a dome-shaped feature, circumambulation (walking around), a stone (Shiva’s phallus, the dome), and a mat (a sacred space on which to bow to the idol).
All of these are expressed at the Shiva shrine at Mecca, and imitated at all other Muslim shrines around the world. The Masonic connection to Shiva worship involves these symbols in the architecture of many religious and governmental buildings all over the Earth. The Masons worship a great architect, the original builder of the tower at Babel, Nimrod.
If we correctly understand how these elements are reconciled from the facts we are given, the best candidate for this abomination (idol) is the Shiva shrine built on the Temple Mount.

The Islamic shrine at Makkah (Mecca) prior to Muhammad was used to worship the host of heaven.
1.6 billion people have been told it was built by Adam, but it reflects the same architecture found in the eastern religion of Hinduism.
The shrine’s design, the black stone and “yoni” it is contained in, the crescent and star, the circumambulation, and other features are shared with the worship of the Hindu deity Shiva.
The most sacred ceremony in Hinduism is called “Shivaling.” It is performed with a stone object inserted in the hole of an oval object called a yoni.
The ceremony is conducted inside the Shiva shrines.

Shiva symbols.image
Shiva ,Sakthi Symbols around the world

The new ramps installed for worshippers at Makkah resembles this object perfectly.
The shape of the area in front of the Cathedral at Rome appears to have all the ingredients of a Shiva shrine, ready for Shivaling.
In both cases, the people become the unwitting participants in the ceremonial worship of the Destroyer, Shiva.
The interpretation of what is happening is best illustrated with photography.

Star Wars is another example of the Hindu dharma (way). The symbols, characters, and jargon all reflect the worship of forces, and the goal of yoking to them. The ship, Millennium Falcon, is an object called a “yoni” in connection with the Shivalingam. You’ll be shocked to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how the ancient “Silk Road” trade route brought it all to the Middle East.

The book Who Is Allah? explains who the Arabs are really worshipping.

Reference and citation.

One response to “Shiva Domes In Russia Vatican Roman Baisilica US Capitol”

  1. thanks to Shri Ramani for the write up. Shri appa Swamigal has composed a oathigam on Lord Mecceswarar, the presiding deity of Mecca .Prophet Mohammed did not disturb the shivlingam and constructed kaba. The kshetram is included as

    vaippu sthalam. Sanadhana dharmam is no doubt the mother of all religions.knarayanaswamy,tiruchy



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