Subterranean Library Chamber Ekambareswara Kanchipuram Key To Lemuria MU Atlantis?

The issue daunting the Historians of the West who painstakingly unearth evidence on Lemuria and Atlantis is that, as I observe,  they are unable to corroborate the evidence of these places with records’ ,save Plato’s Atlantis.

Though scholars accept Plato’s works like The Republic,they are reluctant to admit his observations on Atlantis,saying that they need corroborative evidence.

Surprising !

They did not need such evidence for Plato’s other works.

Their effort is restricted by their search of corroboration from the texts in the west,especially the Bible which they consider to be the oldest text.

They also take reference to texts,hieroglyphics from Egypt.

They are probable unaware of the oldest records of India,the Vedas,Puranas,Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Nor are they aware of another ancient language of India which is a mine of historical information.

It is the Tamil language,which is is atleast 20,000 years old.

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu India.jpg
Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu India.

Nor are these researchers aware of the ancient temples of India,some of them 5000 years old.

They have vast information in the form of Epigraphs and writing in ancient Tamil and Grantha script.

What  I am attempting to do,through my blog , is to link and fill in the gaps of these researches,with explanatins from Sanskrit,Tamil Texts and Epigraphy found in the temples.

Also I verify the local legends associated with the Ramayana,Mahabharata,Puranas with the help of scientific tools like Carbon dating,Infra red,Geology,Astronomy and references in foreign classics.

To my surprise most of these so called legends stand the test of science in terms of antiquity and events.

I have been researching into Atlantis,MU,Lemuria,Tamils and the history of India and have published articles.

I was intrigued by the hypothesis of Lemuria,MU and Atlantis had existed together.

Records from Indian texts,Tamil and Sumeria speak of these places having existed.

They speak of four earliest civilizations.



Lemuria and

Lord Rama.

For more details plese read my article Rama dropped Atom Bomb in Harappa.

James Churchward has proposed that the MU civilisation had existed and might have links to Tamils.

I have written on the possibility of a secret chamber in Kanchipuram Ekambareswara temple in Tamil Nadu.

This temple has ten subterranean chambers.

While nine chambers are dedicated to the Rishis,with details about them,the tenth one has writings on them referring to MU.

It may be noted that MU is a prefix in Tamil which denotes antiquity.

The City of Madurai was called Mudur and it referred to old Madurai,Then Madurai which was located somewhere near Madagascar, then a part of Lemuria.

Also the capital of Chera Kings,Vanchi was called Vanchi Mudur which was located in Lemuria and it is not the present Karur ,Tamil Nadu.

Now to Churchward on Mu,Tamils and Kanchipuram Ekambareswara Temple.

Time that the Archaeological department of India and scholars take a seriuos note and investigate.

in the subterranean system there are 10 chambers. In 9 chambers they stored the tablets. In the first 3 chambers the tablets are made fom solid black stone. In the next 3 chambers the tablets are made from gold. In tha last 3 chambers the tablets made from solid silver and brass and an mix of metals wat they callad pachalogha – the so called five holy metals. The 10th chamber is like an small temple with an black Shiva lingam and the statues of the seven holy rishis. In the 9 chambers you find some inscriptions at the walls – they describe the rishis puranas, what means, the live and the deeds of the rishis. I made some pictures from these inscriptions…

Reference and citation.


chamber no. 1 and chamber no. 4 the priest, who guided me down there to to library, allowed me to take some pictures of the tablets. As attachment of this mail you see one tablet from chamber no. 1
At chamber no. 4 the priest only allowed me to take pictures from 2 tablets, not from all this books there. The 2 tablets he showed me, are a ittle bit damaged. But you can see clearly the inscriptions.
The second tablet from chamber no. 4
Athe end of my visit at this subterranean library the priest, who guided me (his name is Pachayappa), presented a small gift to me. This very small tablet is made from brass, in my opinion. I am not very sure, if it was part of the tablets down there at the library of MU or it was made later. But Pachayappa told me, that the inscriptions at these small tablet are some kind of key to the understanding of the inscriptions of the other tablets. This small item is still with me and I am trying to breach its code. But surely I will need a little help.




One response to “Subterranean Library Chamber Ekambareswara Kanchipuram Key To Lemuria MU Atlantis?”

  1. Nice post enriching unknown info. I am interested in Vedas, astrology an occult science. Where are the Chambers and is is accessible to Public? Whom to approach to visit the chambers sir, I am interested.
    Sir, There is also a secret tunnel in Tiruvannamalai ,from the base temple( Adi Arunachala temple) leading to the centre of the hill. I have visited many visits to Tiruvannamalai and I have found some portions of the hill to be hollow. There may also be possible route to the subterranean world. Sri Ramanar, during the 1950’s had then asked the temple admn. to seal the tunnel.


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