Why How Sanatana Dharma Spread Throughout The World

Evidence that the Sanatana Dharma had spread throughout th world raises two questions.

Global Map Gondwana.jpg
Silurian Period: Earth during the early Silurian Period
Distribution of landmasses, mountainous regions, shallow seas, and deep ocean basins during the early Silurian Period. Included in the paleogeographic reconstruction are cold and warm ocean currents. The present-day coastlines and tectonic boundaries of the configured continents are shown in the inset at the lower right.

1.Why did it spread?

2.And how?

For the first the answer is that there are various factors.

a)Sanatana Dharma was individual specific.

It addresses Human problems and tried to answer them from the experience of the Realized souls.

b) It did not believe in numbers.

c) It did not attempt to proselytize.

d) It did not suggest ways that are contrary to Nature nor did it try to impose its rules.

e) It did not curs people who refuse to follow it.For Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma all Paths lead to God, just as water from different sources reach the Ocean, be it a sewage or a River.

f) It devised methods to suit individual temperament.

‘ In Whatever For You worship Me, I grant you your wish in that form” Sri Krishna in The Bagavad Gita.

g) Though the Karma Theory suggests Determinism, it grants and accepts free will.In the closing chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says to Arjuna,

” I have explained you the secret of secrets and you are free to choose what you think is suitable for you”

h)Santana Dharma treated everything in the Universe as its own, including the Inanimate,

The Shanthi Mantra states,

May The Two legged Be Happy,

May The four-legged Be Happy,

May there Be sufficient rains”

i ) Its motto is Let All Be happy’

Sarve Janas Sukino Bhavanthu.

j) It advocated social order with out laws, but by Social Mores.

k) It allowed people to practice what they believed in, including Atheism, denial of God.

No doubt it had takers every where.

Answering the second question ‘How di it spread throughout the world’ is difficult.

Despite evidence that the Sanatana Dharma was present in all the countries, there seems to be no evidence to suggest the people of these countries were won over by military might and subjugated.

The worst thing the early Hindus in India was to fight among themselves in India and in some cases against the Kings in Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, that too only when these Kings interfered in the local Indian affairs.

Tamils invasion of these areas speak of this.

With the evidence available now I am forced to admit that the people of these areas embraced the Sanatana Dharma voluntarily, being coming to know of it from the emissaries sent by the Indian Kings starting From Rama.

This also raises an important question.

How come these people have traveled such great distances, while record speak of only Bullock carts and horses as means of transportation.

Simply brushing aside the evidence that The Sanatana Dharma did not exist in the areas like,

Baikal, Russia, Krishna’ son Pradhyumna’s city,

Lahore ,Pakistan was founde by Lava, Son of Lord Rama,

A South Korean princess was from Ayodhya,

Archaim , Russia,

Russia as Sthree Varsha, Women Kingdom,

River Danube was names after Dhanu, the Mother of Devas,

Naradony Mountain, Narada Mountain in Russia,

Nazca Lines resembling Shiva’s Trident,

Presence of Sri Chakra in America Mountain,

Mayan temples built as per the design of Hindu Temples,

Angkorvat designed with Sri Chakra,

Sage Agastya worshiped in New Zealand Tribes,


I have posts on each of these with evidence.

The only alternative is that people could have traveled in a form of Transport of which we know very little

I am researching into this and shall share as soon as I get the evidence.

2 responses to “Why How Sanatana Dharma Spread Throughout The World”

  1. Dear Mr Ramanan
    Great article as usual. Please give more details regarding Sage Agastya worship in New Zealand Tribes. Have you contacted Dr.Ravi Prakash Arya again. We are all excited to see your articles in our International Journal
    Please confirm and reply
    Shrirang Sudrik
    Mobile : 9011350747


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