Four Years In WordPress 1.3 Millions

This blog has completed four years in WordPress.

Though I had an idea that I would be completing four years, I did not think of it much as I was not really bothered about writing about it.

However I received a notification from WordPress that this milestone(?) may be blogged as the blog has some interesting features.

Following are the salient points.

Fourth Anniversary in WordPress.
Fourth Anniversary in WordPress.

Number of Followers 1447.

Likes                                 1337.

Categories                         117.

Tags                                16.683(Did I tag that much?)

Posts                                5748

Hits                                 13,43,820

Comments                          3450

Maximum Hits               29803

recorded in a day

Average Hit/day                1832

This is the statistical part of it.

What is more important to me is that I came across very good posts in my search for writing;some of them are found not on the first twenty results of Google search, but are very good in terms of content.

This reaffirms my belief that good articles need not be restricted to the first page results alone.

Probably, these people are also like me, want to share information yet do not know(as I do) the nuances of getting a place in the first Page search results.

Many of  my posts do find a place in the first results though.

Good content is always appreciated, more importantly useful.

This I have learnt from the feedback for my posts.

People do write to me to elaborate on a particular subject, which I have blogged about :and in many a case suggest topics.

This is the part I enjoy the most.

I do get criticisms ;fortunately most of them are creative, guiding me towards clarity and research.

Now most of my posts are on the basis of what the readers want and about what I am confident of writing.

I do research.

More than the readers I am happy I can acquire information.

I had an initial perception that writing about a popular topic shall drive traffic to your site.

Now I find that content drives.

Yet writing on popular topics gets you the initial readers and on their recommendations you get established.

Then one can write to engage the readers by writing what they want and about what one is confident about.

I have received queries from some bloggers that they have a personal blog and in their opinion they are not getting the Hits as they should, in their opinion.

My answer is that if your content is useful and interesting, Hits will come, though it might take some time. none can say how long.

Some of posts dating back to 2009 are Hits now.

Thank God, I did not delete them;on the contrary, I update them frequently.

Updating a Post is important.

Another reason why some personal blogs do not Get Hits is the fact that people are not interested in your woes and happiness, unless it is dramatic.

Expression of personal emotions alone will not guarantee you Hits or readers.

It is the general message that others can learn from such instances, with adequate proof or sources will interest the readers.

As usual I have not planned for this post and I have written what has come to my mind off the cuff.

I shall update as and when I get ideas.

And Thank You,



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