Heart Attack Heartburn Deaths

My daughter has informed me that over the past one year she had five of her friends in the Age group between 30 and 35 died of confusing ailments.


Heart Attack Symptoms.
Heart Attack Symptoms.

These cases were reported from three cities, Bangalore, Bombay and Chennai.

These people had uneasiness associated with heartburn.

They reported to to  Multi Specialty Hospital.

The Hospitals did not do ECG.

In all the cases,the patients were given medicines for Heartburn.

As the complaint persisted even after three or four days, they went to the same Hospital and were given some Injection.

These people returned Home and all of them died of , what was later certified ‘due to ‘Cardiac Arrest

( To me cardiac arrest means heart stopped beating; how else would anyone die?)

I am providing information on the difference between Heartburn and Heart Attack.

But i have a few questions..

1. The number may be statistically insignificant; but lives are lost.

2.In all these case doctors should have called for ECG.They prescribe all non sense test for even minor ailments.

Why not for these cases?

In a particular case, despite the patient’s request for ECG, it was turned down/

3.If the discomfort persisted what was the prognosis?

4.What was the injection that was administered?

I am sharing this information as many readers may have inputs on this, especially on the nature of similar complaints and Death.

This would help one to identify the Cause, whether it is negligence,wrong medicine and most importantly what the Injection was.

I have requested for information on the reported cases and am awaiting feedback.

My suggestion is in case of doubt regarding confusion between Heartburn and Heart attack, please go in for an ECG.

If the Doctors do not take ECG ask for it.

If you are not satisfied with the Doctor or hospital, change the Hospital, Doctor or Both.

Heartburn and Heart Attack.

Chest pain is one of the most common reasons a person goes to the emergency room. While many of these patients are suffering from a heart attack, some actually may be experiencing severe heartburn.

Often, the pain caused by a heart attack and during a severe heartburn episode is so difficult to distinguish that sophisticated medical testing is needed to determine whether or not you are having a heart attack. To complicate matters even more, the two problems have many of the same symptoms and occur in similar types of people (For example, older age and overweight people.)

Signs more typical of heartburn include:

  • A sharp, burning sensation just below the breastbone or ribs.
  • Pain generally does not radiate to the shoulders, neck, or arms, but it can.
  • Pain usually comes after meals, when lying on the back, when exercising or when experiencing anxiety.
  • Symptoms usually respond quickly to antacids.
  • Rarely accompanied by a cold sweat.

Signs more typical of angina (severe pain in chest area) or heart attack include:

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