Cauvery Row Karnataka Misinforms on Stats,Deliberate?

The recent talks between the Chief Ministers Jayalalithaa of Tamil Nadu and Jagdish Shettar of Karnataka on the sharing of Cauvery Water have ended in a dead lock with Karnataka refusing to release even a drop of water to Tamil Nadu despite the Statistics presented by The Tamil Nadu.

Protests in Karnataka over the release of Water to Tamil Nadu.
Cauvery Protest In Bangalore.

Tamil Nadu’s statement on the position in Mettur dam.

” Jayalalithaa told reporters: “At Mettur, there is only 16.32 tmcft of water. Of this, 5 tmcft is dead storage and another 5 tmcft is for drinking water. So, only 6.32 tmcft is active storage, which is sufficient only for six days. The samba crops on 14.93 lakh acres of land require another 65 days of water supply, else they will wither. We asked Karnataka to release 30 tmcft of water immediately, which is the bare minimum. Despite our pleadings, Karnataka says it cannot release a single of drop of water. We are approaching the Supreme Court on Friday.’

Karnataka’s position as stated by Jagdish Shettar.

“Shettar said: “All that we have in our reservoirs is 37 tmcft. Of this, 20 tmcft is for the drinking water needs of Bangalore, Mysore and other towns and rural areas in the Cauvery basin, while another 10 tmcft should be let out for the purpose of ecological balance. So only 7 tmcft is available for our standing crops. How can we release 30 tmcft? We will also go to court and explain our situation.”

Karnataka CM said Tamil Nadu’s forthcoming season, present storage and groundwater was enough to save the samba crops. “She said Mettur has only 6.32 tmcft of water, but the facts are otherwise. Mettur has 16.32 tmcft of water and the entire water can be utilized for irrigation. Her claim that 5 tmcft is dead storage and can’t be utilized is unfounded, as it can be utilized. As the rainy season is not yet over for Tamil Nadu, even the water she’s claiming for drinking purpose can be used,” said Bommai.

Strange to hear the Chief Minister state that the Dead Storage Water can be used!

This is what Dead Storage is about.

The terminology for reservoirs varies from country to country. In most of the world reservoir areas are expressed in km2 whilst in the USA acres are commonly used. For volume either m3 or km3 are widely used with acre feet used in the USA.

The capacity, volume or storage of a reservoir is usually divided into distinguishable areas. Dead or inactive storage refers to water in a reservoir that cannot be drained by gravity through a dam’s outlet works, spillway or power plant intake and can only be pumped out. Dead storage allows sediments to settle which improves water quality and also creates hydraulic head along with an area for fish during low levels. Active or live storage is the portion of the reservoir that can be utilized for flood control, power production, navigation and downstream releases. In addition, a reservoir’s flood control capacity is the amount of water it can regulate during flooding. The surcharge capacity is the capacity of the reservoir above the spillway crest that cannot be regulated.[22]

In the United States the water below the normal maximum level of a reservoir is called the conservation pool.[23]

In the UK top water level describes the reservoir full state whist fully drawn down describes the minimum retained volume.”

It is obvious that the Dead Storage can not be used.

Look at this;

“another 10 tmcft should be let out for the purpose of ecological balance”

What is this ‘ecological balance’, another name for dead storage, which Karnataka does not want to use?

If Shettar’s statement on Dead Storage on Tamil Nadu is correct, Karnataka can use this as well!

He also added that TheMonsoon is expected in Tamil Nadu and they can make use of it.

The blunt message is ” I do not want to give water to you”

This, despite the position of Tamil Nadu that the crops will wither away.

Well,Tamil Nadu, leave it at that.

There is no point in talking to people who can not understand  the Life nad Death problem of Millions.

Supreme Court can also do nothing.

But remember the Tamil adage,

The Cart will Travel in the Boat one day, so will the Boat in the Cart at some other Day’



4 responses to “Cauvery Row Karnataka Misinforms on Stats,Deliberate?”

  1. Denghu deaths are politically created by Jayalaatas opponents and drug manufacturers,similarly water is denied by congress central govt.


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