Vishnu and Twelve Tectonic Plates Of Earth

Vishnu killed them by manifesting as Hayagreeva, after Madhu and Kaidabha stole the Vedas, and hid them in the Ocean. Vishnu then retrieved the Vedas. The bodies of Madhu and Kaidabha split into 12 parts(two times Six) These twelve are the Twelve tectonic plates of the earth.( Padma Purana)

Religion Rituals Hinduism Work

What is the Work we are talking about? Going to office, 10-5, working in a software company or running a Business, where we earn? What do we do here? We earn money to satisfy our senses. We remain unsatisfied whatever we earn. We remain loyal , honest to others in the work place so that our jobs, businesses are secure. Where is the question of Altruism? At the end of the day, after we do our life's work, what does remain for us?

Cataclysms Hinduism Human Migration Series 1

This happens after one Maha Yuga, that is one Chatur Yugas, each Yuga cycle containing Four Yugas,Kruta,Tretha,Dwapara and Kali. This is equivalent to 4.32 billion human years. At the end of this period dissolution starts. During the last Hundred Years(Human), there will be severe Drought. Living Beings shall become ver weak. Lord Vishnu, in the form of Rudra unsettles the Living Beings. The Seven rays of the Sun become too long(Infrared?)

Human Migration World History India

The place from where they moved from, how did they arrive thee at the first place? European History says that Asia served as a sort of reservoir for Humans to migrate from. How did they come t be there at all? European history says, in migration, people came in waves from Asian, through the Urals and Russia, through the landmass of mideast . The group that came through Russia settled down and mingled with people over there. The other group .