Midnight to Midnight Day Calendar From Hindu Day?

As the empire of Bharatvarsha functioned from the present India( read Vikramadityas World Empire),the world seems to have followed the Indian day concept,that is beginning in the morning.

That is taking 5.30 am as the Sun rises in India,12 midnight has been taken as the beginning of a new day.

One must remember that Britain was ruling the world,colonising the countries.

England Followed Hindu Vikrama Saka Calendar Before 1752?

Which Calendar did people use before Julian Calendar? There have been two methods. One based on the movement of the Sun,Solar Calendar.   The other is based on the movement of the Moon,Lunar Calendar The Solar Calendar is called Surya Maanasa and the Lunar,Chandra Manasa. Both are in vogue in India. There are some more…… Continue reading England Followed Hindu Vikrama Saka Calendar Before 1752?

Zero Day Aryabhatta Julian Calendars

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Aryabhatta is the ancient Astronomer and mathematician of India.

He was the first astronomer of the world

This was called Ahargana.

Thousand years later, a Julian Day Number was started by a French Scholar Joseph Scaliger in CE (AD) 1582.

Aryabhatta used the beginning of Maha Yuga as the Zero day while Julian Calendar uses Greenwhich mean noon of 1st January, 4713 BCE (BC).

( Starts from the midnight of 17-18 February 3102 BCE (BC))

Hinduism Calculates Time at Ujjain Map co ordinates.

Julian Calendar-Non sense and so are some myths of Christendom-Video

Please check out Julian calendar History in YouTube. I am unable to paste the link.Instead Pope Paul Video Appears in my Blog?! Why do we follow a nonsensical Julian Calender? Please check out Indian Calendar. Please read my blog on TIME. Most of the myths of Christianity is blown by the Julian Calendar.