Kaaba Opens at Sivas Pradosha Time Pakistani website Audio

Muslims worship at Kaaba.image

Kaaba Opens at Pradosha Time.

There is Kaaba Stone which is believed to have been of Abrahamic times.

People are not permitted to take videos or photographs of the inside of the room.

The room seems to contain an Idol, the worship of which is prohibited in Islam.

Now let us see what a a surreptitiously taken video and an article in a web site run by Pakistani Defense Think Tank say.

Video is below.

One can see an Idol resembling Shiv Linga there.

And watch the Video, and look at the clock for the time of opening the Room.

5.20 to 5.45!

Shivas Pradosha Time! The article from Pakistan Defense Thin Tank Site.

‘Arabia is an abbreviation. The original word even today
is Arbasthan. It originates in Arvasthan. As observed earlier
Sanskrit “V” changes into “B”. Arva in Sanskrit means a horse.
Arvasthan signifies a land of horses, and as we all know Arabia
is famous for its horses.

Citation and references source.


Shiva Linga In Kaaba Opens At Pradosha Video Pakistani Web Site

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