Hinduism In Ancient World Documented, Practices

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I have been running this blog since August, 2009 and during this period I have been researching Sanatana Dharma, ,its practices and its presence throughout the world. Reason for writing on Sanatana Dharma , as I had written earlier in my Page ‘ Why and What I write on Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism?’ is ..

I have found that the Youngsters , the Age group between 20-35, are quite curious and want to know more about Hinduism.

And they do not want to hear the answer that things are what they are in Hinduism and one should follow it.

But if one were to explain them in simple, yet in modern scientific terms , they are interested, ask for more and they become ardent followers of Hinduism.

The percentage of Readers for Ramani’s blog from the youth brigade outstrips the elder generation by quite a few yards.

And they ask me very pertinent , intelligent question, either in the form of comments or by personal email.

I wanted to provide material for their hunger.

The information in the Religious texts, Indian Philosophy is slightly difficult to follow as the concepts are very abstract and needs a careful study to understand their implication.

And reading in English from the West distort Hinduism, in most cases  because they were/are  deliberately done to malign Hinduism.

I am trying to provide information to provide as a sort of signpost for people to follow.

I provide the sources where people can read and research further.

I provide information direct from the sources in Sanskrit, simplify it, present in a language an average person can understand sans jargon.

Some times some difficult concepts are presented in such a simple manner, at times the full import of Philosophical implications may not be forthcoming.

But this provides people information to check further and seek clarification.


Now , as Technology is moving ahead, and people find less time to go through lengthy articles(my articles are because they are researched and sources have to be quoted with excerpts), I shall be Podcasting as well. This would enable people to get the information in less time. In these Podcasts, I will be explaining the presence of Hinduism throughout the world and Hinduism practices from original texts. For more information, you may, visit this, site wwww.ramanisblog.in. Ramani’s blog will continue .Podcast is an additional platform I shall be using.

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