7000 Year Old Nuclear Shelter In India

Sudhama and Lomasa Rishi Cave entrances

When one looks at the history of world, one is confused to find that contrary to what we have been taught, new facts emerge to challenge and change what has been known till date.

  • Remains of Giants are being found, especially in the US.
  • Age of Universe is being revised subsequent to finding of new evidence with the aid of Hubble telescope.
  • Civilisations that flourished disappeared suddenly.
  • When digging takes place for archeology,one finds earlier remains and not the latest, that is we find 5000 years old remains and not 1000 or 500 years old ones as they should have been on the top layer.
  • Theoretical findings seem to have suddenly gained momentum after 14/15/16 Century and continued till late 19 th century and then….only technology based on these inventions.
  • Earlier scientific findings of ancient civilizations disappeared suddenly.
  • We find evidence of high level of Advanced Mathematics, Trigonometry, mechanics and Drilling Tecnology, especially Micro Drilling in the sculptures found in Indian temples, which are more than thousand years old.
  • Astronomically aligned temple construction is found around the world, including India when, based on our present knowledge, those should not have had the technology to build them.

Yes, these are surprising. Equally astonishing is the information that Atomic explosions had taken place in olden days, during Ramayana period.Despcription matching Post Atomic blast scenes are found when the effects of Brahmastra are described in Indian texts.Etic Von Daniken had described this in his book, the Chariots of Gods. He also propounded the theory that we were visited by Aliens and that our DNA was altered and reprogrammed by the Aliens.Indian texts do refer to this aspect.

During the conflict between Rama Empire and Atlanteans , they had dropped Atom Bomb on Mohenjodaro and remains from the site show radio activity.

Such being the case, it may not come as a surprise to find cave shelters which could have been Nuclear Shelters/ Bunkers.

Barabar cave Maps
Photograph and volume representation of Lomas Rishi Cave. The digging of the vault has never been finished.

These caves are situated in the twin hills of Barabar (four caves) and Nagarjuni (three caves); caves of the 1.6 km (0.99 mi)-distant Nagarjuni Hill are sometimes singled out as the Nagarjuni Caves. These rock-cut chambers bear dedicatory inscriptions in the name of “King Piyadasi” for the Barabar group, and “Devanampiya Dasaratha” for the Nagarjuni group, thought to date back to the 3rd century BCE during the Maurya period, and to correspond respectively to Ashoka (reigned 273–232 BCE) and his grandson, Dasharatha Maurya.

The sculptured surround to the entrance to the Lomas Rishi Cave is the earliest survival of the ogee shaped “chaitya arch” or chandrashala that was to be an important feature of Indian rock-cut architecture and sculptural decoration for centuries. The form was clearly a reproduction in stone of buildings in wood and other plant materials.

The caves were used by from the Ajivika sect, founded by Makkhali Gosala, a contemporary of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and of Mahavira, the last and 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. The Ajivikas had many similarities with Buddhism as well as Jainism. Also present at the site are several rock-cut Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and inscriptions from later periods.’. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barabar_Caves

Lomasa is a Rishi, who interacted with Sri Rama and Lomasa appears in Mahabharata too advising Pandavas to go on a pilgrimage.One must recall Atomic weapons were used during that time.

Sudhama was a close friend of Sri Krishna Next article on the Rishis associated with Barabar caves follows.

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