ramanan50 is , moves to ramanisblog in

I have started blogging in WordPress platform from August 2009.

I have completed eleven years of blogging in WordPress url http://www.ramanan50.wordpress.com.

With over sixteen million hits and about 10,000 subscribers,the blog seems to be received well by readers.

I have just moved my blog to the personal url, of course of WordPress.

The new url, address of Ramani’s blog is


This is my new address.

Readers who have been searching with terms like Ramanis blog and ramanan50 may do so but the url is

Kindly make note of the url of the home page as stated above.

To reach my site easily ,please use my new url.

Though WordPress will be redirecting the queries relating to ramanan50.wordpress.com to the new url , subscribers are requested to subscribe again if they are not receiving my articles in their IN box, by clicking ‘Follow ‘ Button, at the new address ramanisblog.in


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