Mind Brain Science Where They Meet, Online Event

It is quite rare to find online Discussions on important issues confronting Science. Many Concepts of Science need discussion.Science is often understood to be the domain of specialists and is difficult for a common man to understand. Because of this erroneous perception,many psudeo specialists gain popularity and they misinform public.

My experience has been that most scientists communicate very fluently and explain seemingly difficult concepts in very simple terms.

I have been writing this blog concentrating on Hinduism,it’s presence throughout the world, advanced Scientific Concepts in ancient in Indian texts.

Readers may find Philosophy, Advanced theories in Astronomy, Quantum, The problem of Perception in my site.

I have also devoted a lot of time to publish articles on Space ,Time,Parallel Universes, Universal Consciousness and How every thing in the Universe in connected.

Mind.. What is it?Is it simply the Brain? What is Intellect?What is consciousness?What is awareness? Are we aware because we are conscious?Or is it the other way around?

What is Space and how is it related to Mind?

These are very vital questions in Science.

These points are addressed to in the programme as detailed below.

Please go through the note and enjoy an Intellectual feast.

Programmes of this nature are conducted by Prime Point Foundation which was founded Inspired by Dr.Abdul Kalam ,Past President of India.Under the guidance and active participation of Sri. Srinivasan,this organisation is spreading True Knowledge by inviting eminent people from each field to disseminate Wisdom and True science.

One of the Speakers is my close friend Dr.A.V.Srinivasan,world renowned Neurophysician and an authority in his chosen field.He was also the President of Indian Neurology Congress.

A very well read Scientist and Doctor with a human touch who has been helping the downtrodden by providing Free consultation, Medicines and Food once a week for the past twelve years(is it more?),Dr. AVS is a rare human being in Humility and thirst for Knowledge.

Another speaker is Dr.Sivathanu Pillai,Scientist and Father of Brahmos Missile.

The topic.

Mind Brain and Science- Where do they meet?

For the information of my readers ,I will be one of the invitees to take part in the event as a listener and will be interacting with them through my questions.

Sangamam: Fusion of Great Minds” – A new initiative from Prime Point Foundation

Prime Point Foundation with the support of eMagazine PreSense and Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI) is starting a new initiative of Intellectual Discussion titled “Sangamam : Fusion of Great Minds” to be hosted every last Sunday of the month at 6 pm through Zoom, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook .

Two nationally renowned intellectuals will be invited to discuss a topic of relevance.

Although the discussions will be streamed live through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, only selected interested intellectual persons will be invited to login to Zoom for direct interaction with the experts and raise questions.

The first episode of this new initiative will be held on Sunday, 30th August 2020 from 6 pm to 7.15 pm IST.

Padma Bhushan Dr A Sivathanu Pillai (Eminent Scientist of DRDO and ISRO and Father of BrahMos Missile) and Dr A V Srinivasan (Internationally renowned Neurologist) will discuss and deliberate on the topic, “Mind, Brain and Science : Where do they Meet?”.

Both have 50 years of experience in their respective domains and are well-known for their excellence and achievement.

After the discussion, there will be a Question and Answer Session for 15 to 20 minutes, from the audience who login to Zoom.
before 28th Aug 2020.

This is an exclusive Premium Programme.

This programme can be watched live through the links.




Prime Point Srinivasan
Prime Point Foundation.

Contact me prpoint@gmail.com

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