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100 WordPress Blog Followers Gone Five Minutes

As I have been mentioning in my posts about what I blog,I write because I want to be heard.

Whether somebody hears it, does not matter!

However I keep checking the Statistics in the Admin section of my blog site.

While posting a Blog this morning, I noticed a curious thing.

I had 898 Blog followers.

Total was 14888, which included Comments, Twitter and FaceBook and Tumblr followers, where I distribute my posts.

While writing a Post, this morning, I had to refer my earlier posts.

While doing so, I noticed that the Blog Followers, which just about five minutes back was 898, had become 722, in one shot.

I am curious.

Have the people who have been following my posts suddenly decided that my posts were not worth following and unsubscribed in five minutes simultaneously?

Or the Followers are nothing but Spam?