Aslesha Bali Details For Welfare Wealth Marriage Kukke Subrahmanya

There is a belief that those who are born under some Nakshatras, Stars are likely to undergo serious problems in Life.

This might be true from the view of Astrology.

However I hold the view that one has to reap the consequences of one’s actions and the Nakshatras or planets are only signposts that signal events.

And one has to face the consequences of of their actions.

And this is Karma Theory.

Lord Rama and Krishna were no exceptions.

For more on this please my article God is not Above Karmic Law.

Yet human mind needs Faith and trust works wonders.

By praying to God to relieve one of his problems is natural for if we can not ask our Parents, whom else should we?

GOD shall provide us with a solution or a tool to tide over problems.

This is explained in the Vishnu Sahasranama.

‘DUkka Bukh DUkka Sadhanaha’

Repository of misfortune(in tune with one’s actions)

And the Tool to fight with.

It is in this sense Pariharas or Atonement is followed in Hinduism.

One of the twenty seven Nakshatras, Aslesha கேட்டை in Tamil is believed to have negative influence.

Gandhi was born in Aslesha.

To ward off the ill effects of Aslesha nakshatra, Aslesha Bali is performed.

In this, the Nakshatra and its ruling Deity is worshiped along with other Nakshatras.

Though meant for those born in Aslesha, this can be performed by all for Welfare, better health, wealth, carrer, removal of obstacles early marriage and to ward off serious illness.

IT need not be performed by the Individual who is affected, but by any one on their behalf, though performing by Self is ideal.

Performing Aslesha Bali on Aslesha Nakshatra is more beneficial, but can be performed on any day.

The Devathas are invoked and propitiated.

This, unlike Sarpasamskara, is an auspicious function.

One, if one were to do it at Kukke Subrahmanya, one has to take bath in the Kumara dhara River in the morning and perform the Pooja.

No food is to be taken before the Pooja.

Performing Aslesha Bali at Kukke Subrahmanya is ideal.


  • Seva fee ₹ 400.00 (Rupees four hundred only)
  • The Seva is open on all days except Ekadashi and Fast days.
  • Performed in two Shifts (7.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m.)
  • Obtain Seva receipt either before 7.00 a.m. for first shift or before 9.00 a.m. second shift.
  • Report for Sankalpa by Purohita in the inner quadrangle of the temple.
  • Witness Homa and Poornahuthi and receive the Seva Prasada.’


4 responses to “Aslesha Bali Details For Welfare Wealth Marriage Kukke Subrahmanya”

  1. In Kerala, they perform Sarpa Bali pooja. Is this same as ashlesha Bali pooja? Sarpa Bali is usually done in the nights and shlesha bali is done in the morning. what is the difference?


  2. Sir, please clarify my doubt. Only for Aslesha star they perform this pooja. What about people who are born in other stars. Please explain. Thanks With respects Gopalakrishnan


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