Hindu Tenth Day Ceremony பத்து Mangalya Removal

The death ceremonies of the Hindus, especially. Brahmins on the Tenth Day consists of three parts.

1.Tharpana by Gnayathis, by those related by the same Gotra.

2.Offering of food to Pretha by daughters.

3.Removal of Mangalya Sutra.

The Pertha had been offered Water and Seasame seeds and water to quench their thirst and satisfy their anguish, Thaapa.

On the Tenth Day food is offered by daughters and women to the Pretha.

The Pretha, having been offered water and Seasame seeds for the past nine days retains the taste for food.

IT is time that it is made to move away from food to enable it to join the ancestors.

Satras declare that food is be prepared by the following for consumption(even for those who are alive)

1.Preparation by Self Swayam Bhaaga,

2.By Mother


Food prepared by others are not considered nourishing and are to be avoided.

So, on the Tenth Day rice, and Raw plantain வாழைக்காய் is prepared and offered to Pretha.

The preparation is without Salt.

Women who are not related may also take part in this ceremony.

The Pretha tastes this and becomes disgusted with food as it contains no Salt.

Next is essentially a mundane practice.

That is the removal of தாலி, Mangalya Sutra.

Mangalya is not a part of Vedic marriage.

Please read my article on this for details.

Traditionally the Thaali was removed on the midnight of the Tenth Day from the wife of the deceased.

A widow in the family of the deceased removes it from the wife of the deceased and kept in a bowl of Milk.

The lady may wear a chain instead.

Or the Mangalya Sutra from the chain may be removed and the chain may be worn.

Those whose husbands are alive are not to be present during this process.

This is solemn ceremony and has to be done quietly.

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