Madurai Meenakshi’s Father in Mahabharatha War

Evidence of the Indian Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata abound in Tamil literature.

Meenakshi Ammsn Temple, Madurai, India

Tamil kings at Rama’s wedding,
Agasthya’s presence in the south,
Ravana’s Peace Treaty with a Pandya king,
Krisha’s marriage with a Pandyan princess and his daughter Pandyah…
Are some of the articles in this blog ‘which are backed by evidence.
These inter-linked references between Sanskrit and Tamil texts corroborate each other and they also help validating events in Indian History relating to Tamils and the Kings from the North of Vindhyas .
Some of the events in Tamil History needs additional colloboration; so do events in the epics,Ramayana and Mahabharatha.
The Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple is one of the most popular and ancient temples in India.
The Presiding Deity is Goddess Meenakshi.
King Malayathdwaja Pandya is the father of Meenakshi.
She was married to Somasundara, an incaranation of Lord Shiva.
King Malayathdwaja of the ancient Tamil dynasty of Pandyas was an ally of the Pandavas and he fought along with them in the Mahabharatha war against the Kauravas.
Mahabharata makes a mention of this.
Apart from an ally of the Pandavas, Lord Krishna was the son in law of the Pandya Kings, though he was not of Malayathdwaja.
Krishna’s wife was Nappinnai.
Andal in her Thiruppavai ( 20) mentions this.
‘Nappinnai Nangaai…. thiruve thuyilezhaai’
Arjuna also married a Pandyan princess.
meenakshi’s father in Mahabharata War






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    Interesting research, By these blogs let us bridge North South divide. Keep it up Sir


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    Sridharan N

    Really really a noble thought that the entire world should get united as it was in those dalys.

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    nice and energetic


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