Vishnu Rama Married Mother Bhu Devi and Daughter Sita?

I have been receiving some  intelligent and incisive questions on the Ramayana.

What is the Age of Rama when he married Sita, was he 12 or 24?

How many days did the Ramayana war take , 7 or 13?

Did Rama marry Mother and Daughter?

These questions have been asked to get clarity , not with the intention of maligning Hinduism.

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I shall answer the question relating to Rama marrying Mother and Daughter and shall write on the other points with some more in an article as the answer for each of the may be of one or two lines.

Lord Vishnu has only one consort, wife, Mahalakshmi.

All the others are  only Avatars or an amsa of Lakshmi.

Bhu Devi was an avatar of Lakshmi during the period of Varaha Avatar in another Yuga,Aeon.

Bhūmi (Sanskrit: भूमि), also Bhūmī-Devī (Sanskrit: भूमी देवी), Bhuma-Devi or Bhū-Devī, is the personification of Mother Earth. She is the consort of Varaha, an avatar of Vishnu and regarded as the mother of the goddess Sita. According to the uttara-kanda, when Sita finally leaves her husband Rama, she returns to Bhumidevi. She is the mother of the demon Narakasura .[1] Bhumi Devi is also believed to be one of the two forms of Lakshmi. The other is Sridevi, who remains with Narayana.

Sri is Lakshmi and the others ae only manifestations of Lakshmi.

In abstract Philosophical terms, Sri,Prosperity is

Varchasva,  वर्चस्व,

  1. sway (n)
  2. influence (n)
  3. dominance (n)
  4. ascendancy
  5. domination
  6. mastery



Dhanya,Cereals, Food,




Sri Varchaswa Ayushyam Arogyam Mavvthach Choobhaaaana aheeyanthe Dhaanya Dhanam Pasu Bahu Puthra Laabham Sadha Samvathsaram Dhhergamaayuhu

Aaseervatha Mantra.

In the case of Sita no where, to my knowledge, Valmiki states Sita was born of  Bhu Devi excepting indicating she s considered to be so as she was found in a Field.

Sita was the daughter of Ravana, though this is not mentioned in the version we follow.

There are many versions of Ramayana  by Valmiki.

Please read my post on this.

In the Avatar of Varaha Vishnu married Bhu Devi who was an incarnation of Lakshmi while he married Sita born in a  Field.

I am not sure whether Valmiki states Sita is Lakshmi’s incarnation.

But the Sita Pravara says,

Yajur Veda Saakhaadhyaayineem, Aangeerasa aayaasya gouthama trayarsheya, pravaraanvita goutama gotrOTbhavaam, Chaturdasa

Bhuvanaadeeswareem, akhilaaNDa kODi brahmaaNDa naayikaam, tattva swaroopiNeem, Chandra vamsa pradheepikaam, saraNaagata vatsalaam,

vEdigarbhOditaam, padma alankruta kara kamalaam, kalahamsa kamineem, indeevara lOchanaam, divya srag vastra bhooshaNaam, hari chandana

lipta bhujaantaraam, vidhyut prabhaam, visaalaaksheem, srida kunjita moordhajaam, hamsaamkita kshoumENa kinchit peetEna samvrutaam,

vaasitEnottareeyENa suraktEna susamvrutaam, jagan maataram, nimi vamsOdbhavaam, SwarNarOma mahaaraaja varmaNa: napthreem, hrasvarOma

mahaaraaja varmaNa: poutreem, Janaka mahaaraaja varmaNa: putreem, sree Seetaa naamneem saakshaath lakshmee swaroopiNeem imaam

This bride named Sri Sita is offered in holy wedlock to you:
She belongs to Yajur Veda, She belongs to Pravara consisting of the three Rishis viz., Aangirasa, Aayaasya and Goutama, She belongs to Goutama Gotra,

She is the Queen of the 14 worlds, She is the head of the entire BrhmaaNDam consisting of innumerable aNDaas, She is the one who permeates all the ChEtana and AchEtana Tattvas,

She is the one who illuminates the lineage of the moon (Chandra Vamsam), She shows extraordinary compassion to all those who surrender unto her,

She is the one who is born from the Sacrificial pit (Yaaga VEDi), She holds in her hand the lotus flower, She has the gait of a swan, She has bewitching eyes like the flower of the blue-black water lily (Neithal) flower,

She wears divine garlands, dresses and ornaments, She has her chest smeared with fragrant perfume of sandal paste, She has her locks of hair in an attractively wavy fashion,

She wears a whitish yellow colored silk saree with borders designed in the form of swans, She wears a scented upper cloth that shines in a natural red hue,

She is Mother Goddess herself,

She appeared in the Vamsam of Nimi Mahaaraaja, She is the great grand-daughter of SwarNarOma Mahaaraaja, She is the grand-daughter of HrasvarOma

Mahaaraaja, She is the daughter of Janaka Mahaaraaja, She is the very incarnation of Mahaalakshmi.

Here the last sentence seems to be a Poetic Licence.

Readers may contribute with authority.


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