Fat Lipid Cholesterol Causes Heart Attack Lie

You would find even an illiterate advising you that fat causes heart attack.


Media Channels are awash with advertisements screaming at you about the danger of fat.


It would settle in the arteries to the heart and cause Heart Attack.


Many people nowadays live as a Goat eating only leaves as an effort to control fat.


You have food products, Drinks that claim to reduce fats.


There are Slimming centers which scare you and claim that they help you reduce Fat and thus reducing the chances of a Heart Attack.


One such organisation recently sponsored one kilo Gold to the winner of a Reality Show!


They resort to Lipo suction.


Heat Attack.Image.gif.
Heat Attack.


My cousin brother’s daughter( 43),died the next morning after this treatment.


She had no other ailments excepting the fact that she was Obese.


Just how true is this story of fat causing Heat Attack?


If excessive fat  settles in Arteries , why does it settle only in the Arteries of the Heart?


We have not heard of kidney Attack!

I am not a specialist though.

Doctors may respond with Data.


Read this.


Basically the Lipid Hypothesis says that you eat a lot of fats and cholesterol, they settle out in your arteries, then your arteries clog and form plaque, plaque and resulting clots then cause heart attacks.


This concept first arose as a result of research done in 1913 after a scientist named Nikolai Anitsdikow fed rabbits a good deal of cholesterol and they formed plaque in their arteries.


The theory was formally written up in 1951 by 2 doctors (Duff and McMillian) and published in the American Journal of Medicine.


It was then heavily promoted by Ancel Keys who published a paper and wrote a book in 1953.


Ancel Keys’ viewpoint was largely based on a study of seven countries that showed, he claimed,  a direct correlation between fat in the diet and heart attacks.


In 1960 an American Heart Association committee embraced the lipid (fat) hypothesis based on a 3 page report and as a result of all the press a young staffer incorporated it into Senator George McGovern’s Dietary Goals for the United States in 1977. It became part of a political platform.


There were some initial cholesterol drug trials that seemed to show a small relationship between lowering cholesterol with drugs and heart incidents so this was used as support for Eat Less Fats and Cholesterol” to have a healthy heart. That is where our Heart Healthy Diet came from.
There are problems with the “Lipid Hypothesis” however.


In the 1940’s and 1950’s the majority of cardiologists did not accept it.


It would affect all of the arteries, they claimed, not just the heart arteries.


There were no “kidney attacks” or “spleen attacks” only heart attacks.


It was also felt that if plaque in the arteries was caused by saturated fats and cholesterol “settling out” the smallest vessels would be afflicted first


. This was not the case. Furthermore the composition of arterial plaques is only a small amount (16%) of cholesterol and most of the fat was unsaturated (not animal fat). Most importantly the research and findings did not support it.
Feeding rabbits cholesterol, a meat based substance simply didn’t make sense. Rabbits are herbivores. Also the type of plaque was of a different kind than found in humans with atherosclerosis (plaquing).


When Ancel Keys wrote that the countries that ate more dietary fat had more heart problems he only used seven out of the 22 countries that he had the data on. He simply only used the ones that matched his theory.


At the time that the Lipid Hypothesis was embraced and formally adopted by the Dietary Goals for the United States there were only 7 randomly controlled studies done on fats and coronary (heart) artery disease, some poorly done, with very ambiguous results………..


They pooled data from 21 studies that included 347,747 people.


The conclusion: “There is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) or CVD (Cardiovascular disease).”


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* I had a Heat attack about 10  years back.


I took medicines for a year an as there was no improvement, I threw the medicines out and am continuing my regular diet.



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