Where Ram Was Healed Sun Bathes Shiva

There are some astonishing Temples in India where the Sun‘s Rays touch the Deity in the Sanctum on specific days or a certain period of Time in a day or the shadow of the God falls  though out the day.

Surya Bathing Shiva with His Rays.

Arasavilli Temple Srikakulam Andhra on Suryanarayana Swamy (Sun )

Kolhapur Mahlakshmi Temple on the Face of Mahalakshmi, Three days at Dusk.

And there are many in Tamil Nadu as well, Vaitheeswaran Koil,Nageswarar Koil(Mayuram) Thayumanavar Koil(Tiruchi) to cite a few.

I have posted on Keezhsuryamoolai Temple where the shadow of the Lord falls throughout the day.

There is another temple, which is not well-known a Siva Vishnu Kshetra  where the Suns’ rays fall on the idol of Lord Shiva on the 11 to 13 Avani Month -August 15 to September 15).

This is Suraikayur is 24 Km from Kumbakonam.

Scroll down for Video.

Suraikai (in Tamil) (a.k.a Doodhi in hindi, aanappakaayaa in Telugu) has a shell which enhances the quality of whatever is stored inside. Suraikai siddha had packed rare herbs in thousands of Suraikai shells and buried them underground before the temple came up, ages ago. He had worshipped and taken sookshama samadhi underneath the lingam like Patanjali at Rameswaram,  Sata-tapa-siddha at Kalahasthi.

Suraikayur is called Bhaskar Shakthi Sthal. Bhaskar Shakti is Sun Himself garnering the energies of his 12 forms (Mitra, Ravi, Soorya, Bhanu, kaga, Poosha, Hiranyagarbha, mareechi, Aditya, Savitra, Arka and Bhaskara) and offering the same as garlands of light, the shaft of the morning rays of the sun falling on the lingam directly. The Sun alongwith all members of His family (consorts Chchaya, Swarchalamba, sons Saneeswara, Yama, Swayambhu Manu and daughter Yamuna) offers surya pooja thus at specicific temples on particular days and month every year, in addition to Suraikayur.

There is special creeper in the fields, around this temple. This is calledPaala-Kattu-Kodi(meaning Sethu- bandhana-latha) and is as strong as metal in any kind of weather. Even to-day they are strewn around the temple. Shri Rama  hailing from suryavamsam, had worshipped Shri Bhujapatheeswarar and Bhava Aushada Managalambika and taken this creeper for extraction of juice and construction of the bridge now called Rama-sethu connecting Rameshwaram and Lanka. During the Tamil month of Aavani (Shravana) in solar calendar, for 3 days, Surya Pooja is done; the Sun’”

The Village also has a Vishnu Temple, Suranarayna(SUN), aka Varadaraja Perumal.

This place abounds in special herb called Paalakkatu Mooligai’ a Herb that can bind stones.

Lord Ram , on his way to Sri Lanka used these herbs to build the Rama Sethu, Adam’s Bridge.

This Temple also has a Surya Medu, a small elevated Platform where one has to pray for  eye ailments,prosperity by keeping their Palms.

This also the place where Lord Ram had his war wounds healed by applying the herbs found here

The Herb is called Bhujanapatra and is available here.

Applying these herbs on wounds heal them faster.

Worshiping Shiva and Vishnu here shall grant relief from Parkinson’s Disease,Neurological disorders as both these temples are Bhaskara Kshetras(sun)

There is a Famous Sastha Temple here





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