Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a natural event that takes place on Earth when the Moon moves in its orbit between Earth and the Sun (this is also known as an occultation). … Continue reading Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?

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Vishnu Once in 6480 Years Astronomy Precession Equinoxes

It is said that who does certain Yagas like the Aswamedha Yagas successfully becomes an Indra, dethroning the present incumbent.

Severe penance also warrants these results.

So Indra disturbs those who engage in these activities.

Now coming to Astronomy.

Time takes a toll on everything in the Universe.

If affects people and non living things.

People age so also the Rocks etc.

There are two aspects of Time, one is so minute that you do not notice it and the changes effected by it, like Micro seconds, nano seconds and seconds,minutes.

Even changes that occur hourly can be known only with the help of special instruments.

The other aspect of Time is it is so huge to be comprehended, like a light year or AU, Astronomical Unit that is equal to the distance traveled by Light in a Year.

One can not see this as this is a huge number and one may not be alive to see the change by oneself.

Such huge numbers are involved in the Universe in respect of formation of Stars,Galaxies .

Now all of us know the Earth has two movements, one spinning on its own Axis and another moving around the Sun.

The movement around the Sun’s signs by the earth is so slow that it is not noticeable.

Also because of the movement of the Earth and the Stars and other Celestial objects these objects change their relative places.

To put it simply, Stars change positions as also the Earth, taking the Sun as a reference point.

That the Sun also moves and there are many Suns is a different issue and I shall be posting on the implications.

Hinduism Seven Higher Lokas Existence Explained

Hinduism describes fourteen Lokas or places there is Existence.

I have not used the term Human.

The descriptions are of beings in terms of Color, Shape, behavior are different…..

An interpretation is that these are the Quantum Fields other than where we exist.

Please read my pots on this filed under Astrophysics.

Yet there is evidence to suggest that these are Planes of existence with Physical boundaries, inhabited by Beings.