Rig Veda Speed Of Light Precise Than Modern Science

For example, the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, conservatively dated to 400 BC – 400 AD, defines 1 nimesha to be equal to 16/75.3 seconds; 1 yojana is about 9 miles.

This is the same as Modern Science on the Speed of Light.

There s objection to this that Sayana says this about the movement of the Sun and not Light.

Where Sun Rays Fall On Shiva On Shivaratri Thavasi Medai

Temples which are not well-known contain wonders and rare information.

The temple at Thavasi Medai in Dindigull District,Tamil Nadu has two Female Deities,Ambal while there is only one male Deity,Mahalingeswarar.

“Following Shivarathri, the rays of Sun fall on the presiding deity continuously for 30 days in the mornings and on Sri Bhairava in the evenings.

While we see only one Ambica in Shiva shrines, there are two in this temple.

Temple Where Shiva Changes Colors Five Times A Day

I have posted articles on how the rays of the Sun touch the Idol in the sanctum, the shadow of the Idol is present all day, the list is long.

There is an ancient temple near Myiladuthurai, where The Lord Shiva’s Idol changes its colors five times a day coinciding with the Kala Pooja, the poojas conducted at fixed hours daily.

Located near Valangaiman/Papanasam near Mayuram,Kalyanasundareswarars?Pancha Varneswarar temple,The Self born idol of Lord Shiva changes colors Five times a Day during the day.

Another unique feature is that there are two Shiv Lingas in the sanctum

The devotees are Blessed with the ‘Satari’, A Vaishnava Practice, as this is the place where Lord Shiva Saint Thirunavukkarasar had the Darshan of the Lord’s feet.

Moolavar : Kalyana Sundareswarar, Panchavarneswarar

Three Suns China Cause, Weather

Sun dogs, or parhelia, are little back-up suns that appear on either side of the sun. They are the Pips to the sun’s Gladys, the Lion and the Witch to the sun’s Wardrobe, and they look way cooler than rainbows.

What is it that makes these parhelia possible? Only the most badass shape in the whole world: the hexagon. It’s the geometric shape that rhymes with sex and means ‘an evil spell.’ It’s balanced, edgy.

Where Ram Was Healed Sun Bathes Shiva

There are some astonishing Temples in India where the Sun’s Rays touch the Deity in the Sanctum on specific days or a certain period of Time in a day or the shadow of the God falls though out the day.
Arasavilli Temple Srikakulam Andhra on Suryanarayana Swamy(Sun )

Kolhapur Mahlakshmi Temple on fon Three days at Dusk.

And there are many in Tamil Nadu as well, Vaitheeswaran Koil,Nageswaarar Koil(Mayuram) Thayumanaar Koil(Tiruchi) to cite a few.

I have posted on Keezhsuryamoolai Temple where the shadow of the Lord falls throughout the day.

There is another temple, which is not well known a Siava Vishnu Kshetra where the Suns’ rays fall on the idol of Lord Shiva on the 11 to 13 Avani Month -August 15 to September 15).