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I have noticed that a slower Page Load affects the Blog Traffic.

If the page of your Blog site is slow, this you can find out by yourself or for details of your page loading time against standard Page Loading time you may check with Quantcast,Woorank ,Alexa or some good Web Analyzing Tools, one of the main reasons is that the Page has too many elements.

One reason is that one uses large images and Videos.

Blog Themes
A WordPress Theme

I am aware that Images and Videos make the posts attractive  and lends crdence to your posts, it is advisable to use medium size images and not to load too many Large images and Videos,.

Ensure that your Home Page Posts do not contain more than 15 % Videos/images %.

I shall be posting on this subject.

In common man’s language the page has many, sometimes unnecessary  elements that make the page load slower.

Many of us, including me, try to include as many Free Widgets as possible in our Home Page.

It could be Traffic Monitors where it provides Visitor Information.Internet defense League, Indiblogger,Blog trophies,Clock and the like.

I have used almost all of them under the mistaken impression it enhances my sites aesthetics and the information provided by these widgets are useful for the reader.

Traffic to blog posts, I have noticed, is because of Content.

What we write, and its usefulness to the reader drives traffic.

And authenticity with sources for the information.

Anything more than this distracts the reader.

People browse, in general,for fast and relevant  information

There are exceptions where people want to pass time.

For this they have a lot of sites including social networking sites like Facebook,Myspace,Tumblr, thought he last one accommodates serious stuff as well.

One has to choose a Theme which has minimum elements  technically yet loads faster.

The Color schemes may have a role in this.

So choose a Theme which has minimum elements and make sure it is attractive.

Check if it loads fast .

For an absolute idiot like me trial and error method is the best.

Try and fix it.

I used tried DePo masthead Theme of WordPress(Free Theme) for a long time.

it was doing quite well.

Suddenly I changed to some colorful Themes,on being told by mu son that my Theme was bland and unattractive.

I have used more than Five themes.

I was content that my blog was looking grand. it did look.

But I have received comments from my readers that colors distract them from reading th content and some colors are irritating (the last point is subjective ,of course)

Surprisingly most laudatory comments were received for the simple DePo masthead Theme, which you are reading now,stating that it is easy to read and the Page . especially the Home Page loads very fast.

Most importantly I have seen an increase of about 25% in Home Page Views, though content wise there has been no shift in my Blog.

Why do not some of you try similar simple themes?

* I am not a Technical man and my suggestions need not be correct.

If some one has more relevant information, they may post either in the comments column, send an email or if it is a detailed one send in their post for publication.

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