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Mental Worship Of Attributeless Nirguna Manasa Pooja

It is necessary to have something to in us to perceive .

For all we know, there may be things out there and if one does not se it or perceive it, one may never know it, aware of it.

Awareness, which is the rudiment of Knowledge,, needs two things.

That which is to one known and that which knows or is aware.

‘We have the Mind as an instrument.

We know things through the Mind.

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What is Yoga Kundalini Upanishad

All of us are aware of the Yoga system of Patanjali through his work Yoga Sutras ans he is regarded as the founder of the Yoga system of Indian Philosophy.

We also have Shiva sutras which deal pretty much on the same subject.

We have yet another treatise on Yoga in the form of a minor Upanishad, Yoga Kundlini Upanishad.

This Upanishad is from the Krishna Yajur Veda.

It has three distinct approaches o the Yoga.

It deals with Chitta primarily.

Patanjali describes what Yoga is in his first sutra,

‘Yoga: Chitaa Vrutti Nirodha’

Cessation of the modification of Chitta is Yoga.

Elaborating on this sutra , the Yoga Kundalini Upanishad discusses the different methods, some are different from Patanjali’s.

It deals with an exposition of Hatha and Lambika Yogas.

It concludes with an account of the non-qualified Brahman,that is the Nirguna Brahman.

Patanjali found it necessary to have a Personal God, Ishwara for practicing Yoga.

The Non-dual Brahman is , in the opinion of Patanjali, is easier to realize through the Personal God,Ishwara.

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Kundalini Yoga analyses the nature of Chitta in deatil

It maintains that Samskaras and Vasana( remnants of actions performed ,( both now and in the past births) and Prana, the Vital Breath constitute the

causes for the existence of Chitta.

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‘Universe A Master Computer Controlled’. Confirms Indian Thought.

Recent Studies on the Universe speculate that there may be 10,500 Universes with different laws of Physics. Based on String Theory this Study suggests that we might be a controlled by a Master Computer Programme with set patterns. There could be a Super Computer controlling the Universes. This Theory may be new to the West. Indian philosophy ,asserts this Principle

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