Definiton of Bhagvan God Hinduism

It is Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality or God who possesses these attributes.

There are two names for him in ancient Tamil to describe Dhe deity.

“Kadavul” beyond the mind.

“Iraivan dwells in my heart.

Post by these attributes.

Hinduism uses the term Bhagavan to denote God.

Bhag means Fortune, unlimited Wealth.

In Hinduism material wealth is not considered as Wealth or Fortune.

Attributes or Qualities that are Eternal are considered so.

The Authority of Hinduism is the Vedas and they declare Reality as devoid of Attributes, Nirguna.

It is a Principle.

It is indescribable, Avaktavya.

This is the reason the Upanishads, while describing the Reality, uses the ,Neti Nyaya’

That is the process of describing a thing by excluding others from it.

Brahman, The Reality is described as Neither Tall.nor Short, neither Male, nor Female……

By excluding the Attributes through which we can know anything, the message implied is that the Reality is Unknowable.

But can be experienced.

This method of description is called the ‘Neti Nyaya’

Yet,Hinduism advocates Image worship in the form of Gods, Symbols.

This is because the Human Mind, being limited, can not grasp or concentrate on Nothing.

The worship of Idols of God is the first step.

This worship of Personal God, Iswara(Iswara means personal God in Indian Philosophy,is called Saguna Aradhana.

As one evolves by worshiping the Personal Gods, he will realize that the Reality is in and beyond the Personal Gods.

Please read my posts under Hinduism on this issue.

Especially the one ‘Does God have and Form’.

So the term Bhagavan is used to denote the Saguna Brahman, God

Bhag implies six attributes:

Absolute Fame,

Absolute Dharma,

Absolute Wealth,

Absolute Knowledge,

Absolute Beauty and,

Absolute Detachment.

One possessing these attributes is Bhagavan, the Supreme Person or God..

The ancient language Tamil has two names for God.

“Kadavul’, beyond the Mind.

‘Iraivan, one who dwells in the heart.

I shall be posting on each of these Attributes.

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