Rudra And Narayana Are One Krishna in Mahabharata

am the Soul, O son of Pandu, of All
the Worlds, of All the Universe. Rudra, again, is My Soul. It is for this that I always
adore Him. If I do not adore the Auspicious and Boon-giving Isana, nobody would then
adore My Own Self. The ordinances I set are followed by all the worlds. Those
ordinances should always be adored, and it is, therefore, that I adore them. He who
knows Rudra knows Myself, and he who knows Myself knows Rudra. He who follows
Rudra follows Me. Rudra is Narayana – both are One; and One is displayed in two
different forms. Rudra and Narayana, forming One Person,

Yajneshwara Is The First Avatar of Vishnu

It is yet another pointer to Sanatana Dharma being present in the south much earlier to Vedic period.

The philosophical explanation of Yagnya follows in another article.

I have noticed that the name Yagnyanarayanan is present in South India , among Brahmins.

As this Avatar preceded Matsya, which took place after Manu had a family,Yagneswara is the first Avatar of Vishnu.

Vishnu Ananthasayanam Cosmic Hibernation

Sometimes I dream that I write and on waking up I find it is untrue and that I have been dreaming.

Now I am writing this post.

How can I be certain now that this activity is not being done while asleep?

This action of writing now may be a dream and I may wake up.

This is a problem not solved by Philosophy.

Hinduism describes four states of Being.

Jagrat, the waking state.

Swapna, the dreaming state,

Vishnu’s Jasmine Like Scar Sri Vathsam Description By Krishna

Vishnu Suktham again describes the principle of Vishnu.

Sketchy description of Vishnu in Human form is found in the Puranas, especially in the Vishnu Purana,

Dhuruva Stuthi describes Vishnu’s Form, but does not provide details about His Ornaments and marks .

Gopala Uttara Tapini Upanishad( 75-78) has the first reference to Lord Vishnu’s Form.

‘His feet bear the auspicious signs of a celestial standard, a royal parasol.

His chest is adorned by srivatsa locks of hair, the brilliantly shining kaustubha gem and rows of forest-flower garlands (vanamala).

His four hands hold shankha (conch), chakra (discus), gada (mace) and padma (lotus).