Rudra And Narayana Are One Krishna in Mahabharata

The Reality Brahman is beyond Attributes.

Worshiped thus it is Nirguna Upasna.

Worship of Reality with Names and Forms is Saguna Upasna,

The Truth, The Brahman, the Reality is Knowable, to Be Known.

That is the Truth.

This knowledge about Brahman is called ‘Apara Vidya'( beyond this world of names and forms)

The knowledge about Brahman and its attributes are called Apara Vidya.

The general descriptions of Brahman  are Sat, the State of Being, Chit(Consciousness) and Ananda(Bliss)

Apart from this, the Upanishads,a part of The Vedas, the scriptures of Hindus, try to explain the qualities of Brahman by excluding the attributes normally known to us stating that the Brahman is Beyond all this and also this.

For example the Upanishads,describe Brahman as,

‘Neither Tall nor Short, nor of medium height,

Neither Male, Female,nor transgender ,

Neither the Knower nor the Known,

Yet It is All of These’

You would find this is difficult to comprehend even at the intellectual level.

Knowledge, if it can not be understood or used is useless.

Therefore Hinduism devised a way.’

Read more here .

To worship through names and forms is Saguna Upasna.

In fact there is no distinction among the Deities.

Shankara and Narayana are One.

Siva and Vishnu in one Form. Saligrama.image
Shankaranarayana Saligrama

Krishna declares Narayana and Rudra as One

Lord Krishna said, ‘Rudra is otherwise called Kapardin. He has Matted Locks on His
Head, and sometimes displays a Head that is bald. He loves to dwell in the midst of
crematoriums which constitute His home. He is an Observer of the austerest vows. He is a Yogin of Mighty Puissance and Energy. He is the Destroyer of Daksha’s sacrifice and
the Tearer of Bhaga’s eyes. O son of Pandu, Rudra should be known to have always
Narayana for His Soul. If That Deity of Deities, viz., Maheswara, be worshipped, then O
Partha, is the Puissant Narayana also worshipped. I am the Soul, O son of Pandu, of All
the Worlds, of All the Universe. Rudra, again, is My Soul. It is for this that I always
adore Him. If I do not adore the Auspicious and Boon-giving Isana, nobody would then
adore My Own Self. The ordinances I set are followed by all the worlds. Those
ordinances should always be adored, and it is, therefore, that I adore them. He who
knows Rudra knows Myself, and he who knows Myself knows Rudra. He who follows
Rudra follows Me. Rudra is Narayana – both are One; and One is displayed in two
different forms. Rudra and Narayana, forming One Person, Pervade All displayed
things and cause them to act. No one else than Rudra is competent to grant Me a boon,
O son of Pandu.’”
kapardI jaTilo muNDaH shmashAnagRRihasevakaH |
ugravratadharo rudro yogI tripuradAruNaH ||
dakShakratuharashchaiva bhaganetraharastathA |
nArAyaNAtmako j~neyaH pANDaveya yuge yuge ||
tasminhi pUjyamAne vai devadeve maheshvare |
sampUjito bhavetpArtha devo nArAyaNaH prabhuH ||
ahamAtmA hi lokAnAM vishvAnAM pANDunandana |
tasmAdAtmAnamevAgre rudraM sampUjayAmyaham ||
yadyahaM nArchayeyaM vai IshAnaM varadaM shivam |
AtmAnaM nArchayetkashchiditi me bhAvitaM manaH ||
mayA pramANaM hi kRRitaM lokaH samanuvartate ||
pramANAni hi pUjyAni tatastaM pUjayAmyaham |
yastaM vetti sa mAM vetti yo.anu taM sa hi mAmanu ||
rudro nArAyaNashchaiva sattvamekaM dvidhAkRRitam |
loke charati kaunteya vyaktisthaM sarvakarmasu ||
na hi me kenachiddeyo varaH pANDavanandana | -Shanti Parva,Mahabharata.

‘Krishnarppanamasthu ‘

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