Rudra And Narayana Are One Krishna in Mahabharata

am the Soul, O son of Pandu, of All the Worlds, of All the Universe. Rudra, again, is My Soul. It is for this that I always adore Him. If I do not adore the Auspicious and Boon-giving Isana, nobody would then adore My Own Self. The ordinances I set are followed by all the worlds. Those ordinances should always be adored, and it is, therefore, that I adore them. He who knows Rudra knows Myself, and he who knows Myself knows Rudra. He who follows Rudra follows Me. Rudra is Narayana – both are One; and One is displayed in two different forms. Rudra and Narayana, forming One Person,

Vishnu ViswaroopamVisnu's Cosmic Form.

I Perform Sata Rudreeyam Daily Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Oh king, listen to me as I recite to thee that Sata-Rudriya which I repeat; with restrained senses, every morning after rising from bed...O sire, It is Sankara who Created All the creatures in the Universe, mobile and immobile.