Maggi Pizzas Have Pig Harmful Chemicals Deadly Side Effects

E 322 – Beef
E 422 – Alcohol
E 442 – Alcohol & Chemical
E 471 – Beef & Alcohol
E 476 – Alcohol
E 481 – mixture of Beef and Pork
E 627 – Dangerous Chemical
E 472 – mixture of Beef, meat & Pork
E 631 – Oil extracted from Pig fats.

Dhanush’s ‘Kolaveri’-Indecent ?

Try out the old one ‘kaikku adakkamaa, kadichchup paaka vaatama from ‘elanthappayam from ‘Panama Paasama ‘ penned by the great Kannadasan who regretted for the lines later.(means-compact to hold in the palm,suitable to nibble)

Or ‘Eppadi,eppadi vayasukku vandadhu epadi’ by Vaali(How,how did you come of age).

Amitabh Bachchan,Brother of Lincoln’s Assassin?No movie story.

Walter Semikov,in his Book ‘Born Again’ declares Amitabh bachchan to be the reincarnation of Edwin Booth,the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. He also states that APJ Abdul Kalam as the reincarnation of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore and Jawaharlal Nehru, the reincarnation of  Bahadurshah Zafar. In researching reincarnation…… Continue reading Amitabh Bachchan,Brother of Lincoln’s Assassin?No movie story.

Amtabh Bachchan Beneficiary of Scam Money?

  There is a saying in Sanskrit’Do not stay near Kings and Fire’ With his image, following and Respect -Does Amitabh need this? The ED’s case in its Lucknow zone office has been registered on the basis of an FIR filed in Kanpur on October 15, 2009. The FIR says Singh, a former SP leader,…… Continue reading Amtabh Bachchan Beneficiary of Scam Money?

Amitabh Upset on Blog Comments,Truth Always Hurts.

The comment in question is nothing but a fact.

Amitabh could find time to reply to Bal Thaceray,Raj Thakeray.

He would defend and campaign for his friend(?) who gives Rajya Sabha seat to his family.

He could euologse the most corrupt politician Karunanidhi.

True, he does not need to publicize his support to Anna Hazare.

The real fun is’neither do I know how to publicise it’-Amitabh.

Amitabh,you do not know how to publicize?