97% Human Genes Are From Extra Terrestrials

I have published an article that the ET, Beings from the Outer Space could have visited Earth and altered our Genes.

There have are researches going on on ET including whether the Human Genes are some things that might have in common with other living organisms including the ET.

97 % of our non sequence Genes are from the ET , Genome Projects study says.

UFO Alien Cave Paintings Chhattisgarh

UFO,Alien Cave Painting Chhatisgarh,India

Ancient Indian Texts refer to Pushpaka Viamana, Flyingships and their descriptions are available in the Texts.

The technology to build them has been used to reproduce one in India.

Please read my post on this.

There are prehistoric paintings in caves and also of middle ages including Mahbalipuram where one can see the paintings that resemble modern Spaceships and Astronauts.

Big Bang Theory Wrong Science

Once there was Mass, a bunch of Matter.

It became dense, so the Mass became More.

So much More that its Gravity increased to such an extent that it does not allow even Light to escape from it,

At a point of time, because of this immense density the Mass exploded, creating uneven particles.(Big Bang)

Greater the particle, greater the Mass, hence greater density and this attracted more particles.

This is the Big Bang Theory.