Alien Evidence Mahabalipuram India

The rock carvings on Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is reported to be made by Mahendra Varma Pallava of the Pallava Dynasty and this was cotinued by his son Narasimha Pallava.( 7 and 8th Century AD)

There are some interesting features that need explanation as they bear a striking resemblance to our conceptios of Space Travel,UFO and Aliens.

Hinduism Seven Higher Lokas Existence Explained

Hinduism describes fourteen Lokas or places there is Existence.

I have not used the term Human.

The descriptions are of beings in terms of Color, Shape, behavior are different…..

An interpretation is that these are the Quantum Fields other than where we exist.

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Yet there is evidence to suggest that these are Planes of existence with Physical boundaries, inhabited by Beings.


Hinduism 14 Lokas Quantum Mutiverse Study

There are two interpretations of the Lokas.

One is that these are The Stages of mental development in a Spiritual Journey.

Another is that these are Planes of Existence at other levels, complying with Laws that are unique to them, Including the Laws of Physics.

Taking these to mean and comparing them with the Quantum Theory which states that there are other planes where things exist and they do not obey

the Laws of our Earth’s Physical laws.

Latest findings indicate that the Multi verses are Infinite and they depend on the Perceiver and his ability to perceive them.

Hinduism says exactly the same with Time being Cyclic.

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