Sibi Chozha Surya,Chandra Yadu Vamsa? Research

he could have belonged to Ikshavaaku, Chandravansh or Yadava Dynasty as the latter sprang from the Ikshvaaku Dynasty, Suryavansh/Solar Dynasty.

Tamil Epic Silappadikaram Quotes Harivamsa Of Vyasa ,Bhasa

And the description of this nature is found in Balacharitha by Bhasa in Sanskrit in a Drama form.This description is found in Harivamsa too.Following are the relevant lines in Silappadikaram.

Aliens Humanoid Or Something Else?

According to the orthodox anthropology, this skull simply does not exist, because it cannot be. Textbooks´ oldest date of appearance of humans in North America is about 35000 BCE and much later for South America, based on the diffusion theory assumptions.

ராமர் சோழ குலத்தவர்

அதை இரண்டாம் தலை நகராக நியமித்து அரசாண்டார்.அவர் கட்டிய கோயில் திருவெள்ளரை யில் உள்ளது