Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Sloka 38 Padmanabho to Sloka 40 Lecture

Vishnu sahasranama Slokas 38 to 40

Vishnu Worshipped in Muslim Attire Lungi in Temple Muslim Consort

It is interesting to note that Lord Ranganatha,The presiding deity at Sri Rangam,is attired in Muslim tradition with Lungi,and the offering to Him are Roti and Butter.

And there is a Lady Devotee called Thulukka Nachiar,who is worshipped in Srirangam.

Legend has it that when Muslim invaders looted Srirangam temple and took away the Utsavar Idol to Delhi, it was brought back later by Ramanujacharya , according to one version.

The Daughter of the Sultan could not bear the separation from the lord’s Idol.

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Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Lecture Slokas 8 to 16

My sloka classes are more on detailed exposition of the texts,with meanings, explanation from The six Systems of Indian philosophy,Vedas and interpreting the ancient texts in modern scientific terms including Quantum theory.Hence the classes are more of dialogues with question and answers.Questions are posted in the relevant WhatsApp group and are answered.Sloka audios are sent to enable the participants to learn and they are encouraged to record their audio to enable me to correct them. In short, the classes are for Serious Spiritual Seekers..

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