Tamil Sanskrit Simultaneously By Siva Benevolent Act To Devi

The fact that Sanatan Dharma and Tamil are intertwined is attested by many facts.Tamil Nadu had more Temples than in the North. Sage Agastya, along with Shiva founded the Tamil Language.References to Shiva abounds in Tamil Sangam literature .Vedic Gods Varuna,Durga,Indra,Vishnu and Krishna find a place in Tamil Grammar Tholkaapiyam.Each of them is an Icon of a particular terrain. I have written quite a few articles on the special intimate relationship between Tamil and Sanskrit.

Sanskrit and Tamil emanated simultaneously from the Damaru of Siva.

The most ancient Tamil Tantra sastra , Thirumandhiram by Thirumoolar speaks of the fact that Sanskrit and Tamil were born simultaneously.

‘Tamil and Sanskrit were creted by Siva simultaneously, at the time when Summer,Winter and Ice age got suspended.This, He did, out of Benevolence to Devi’

That is after Pralaya or Dissolution of the Universe.

Aadhi Yogi Siva

மாரியும் கோடையும் வார் பனி தூங்க நின்று
ஏரியும் நின்று அங்கு இளைக்கின்ற காலத்து
ஆரியமும் தமிழும் உடனே சொல்லிக்
காரிகையார்க்கு கருணை செய்தானே. திருமந்திரம் 65)Thirumandhiram by Thirumoolar.

‘He did, out of Benevolence to Devi’

How Siva did this benevolent act of Creating languages as a favour to Devi?

In my next article.

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