Allirani Tamil Amazon Queen Russian Link?

Information relating to Sanatana Dharma , antiquity of India,Indian languagesTamild History and Sanskrit texts and treatises is dismissed as myth,Legend.

But my research on these subjects for the past ten years reveal that these are not myths,but historical facts, be it the personages of Rama,Krishna,the Epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata,advanced scientific concepts in Hinduism, Geographical information provided in ancient Indian texts.

The relationship between Sanatana Dharm and Tamil is one intriguing aspect.As a part of disinformation campaign starting from Moghuls through to present day secular,liberal self styled Historians,is portrayed as one of animosity.

This is as untrue as the now discredited Aryan Invasion Theory. Both Sanatana Dharma and Tamil complement one another.

I have written in detail. You may find them by Googling Tamil Sanatana Dharma+Tamil.

I have recently come across information that there was a Queen named Dravida in the north,she being the mother of Vivaswan of Ramayana.

And the Parathavas,who were the residents of areas adjoining sea,called Neydhal,trace their ancestry to Kuru Dynasty. I shall be writing on these in detail.

I have written earlier that Rama’s ancestor Manu was a Dravida, Rama’s brother-in-law Rishyasrunga was from Sringeri,Rama’s grandmother Indumathi was a Dravidian queen.

And many more on these lines,….

Now there is one legend that repeatedly springs up in Tamil legends and Tamil classics of Sangam is the Queen Alli,who is reported to have ruled from Madurai,India/Kudiraimalai,Gulf of Mannar,Sri Lanka.

Kudiraimalai is referred to by Greek historians Arrian,Strabo and others.Allirani is referred to in Tamil Texts as a fierce warrior who conquered many lands and her Kingdom was run by women. She is also referred to as the reincarnation of Madurai Meenakshi,who was an Avatar of Parvati and Her consort wasLotd Shiva. Allirani Dramas were quite popular in Tamil Nadu till about forty years back. Even now it is staged in the Southern districts,like Madurai during Village Deities’ Festivals. She was also called Chirangatha.She is also reported to have married Arjuna and had a son,Babruvahana . One version narrates Chitrangada as queen of Manipur.

Will be writing on this.

It may be noted that Russia was called Sthreevarsha,Land of Women,which was ruled by women.

Scythians of Central Asia from Tamils?

Considering these facts it is possible that Allirani was an Amazonian Queen and she could have conquered lands we now call Russia.


Scythians were a civilization that flourished as per present evolving study of Ancient Human civilizations, in Central Asia, sometimes described as Inner Asia.

The Scythian people were referred to in Mahabharatha, one of the two great Epics of India as Milechas, that is those who do not follow Vedic system of Living.

They were called as Sakas and the region they lived was called Saka Dweepa, Saka Island.

The island might refer to the present Black Sea and the Sakas could have lived north of Black Sea in the present Russia.

There is ample evidence of these people having evolved from India tribes.

And look at the reference in Mahabharatha here.

‘Sakas are described in Sanskrit sources as a Mlechcha tribe grouped along with the Yavanas, Tusharas and Barbaras. There were a group of Sakas called Apa Sakas meaning water dwelling Sakas, probably living around some lake in central Asian steppes. Sakas took part in Kurukshetra War…

Allirani is also referred to asAmazonian Queen.

Who are Amazon Quuens?

‘the Amazons were the daughters of Ares and Harmonia (a nymph of the Akmonian Wood), that they were brutal and aggressive, and their main concern in life was war’. ‘and Strabo place them on the banks of the Thermodon River.[7][8] According to Diodorus, giving the account of Dionysius of Mitylene (who in turn drew on Thymoetas), the Amazons inhabited Ancient Libya long before they settled along the Thermodon.[9] Migrating from Libya, these Amazons passed through Egypt and Syria, and stopped at the Caïcus in Aeolis, near which they founded several cities. Later, Diodorus maintains, they established Mytilene a little way beyond the Caïcus.[8] Aeschylus, in Prometheus Bound, places the original home of the Amazons in the country about Lake Maeotis, and from which they moved to Themiscyra on the Thermodon.[8]Homer tells that the Amazons were sought and found somewhere near Lycia.’

‘Notable queens of the Amazons are Penthesilea, who participated in the Trojan War, and her sister Hippolyta, whose magical girdle, given to her by her father Ares, was the object of one of the labours of Heracles. The Amazons fought on the side of Troy against the Greeks during the Trojan War.[11] Diodorus mentions that the Amazons traveled from Libya under Queen Myrina.[8] Amazon warriors were often depicted in battle with Greek warriors in amazonomachies in classical art. Archaeological discoveries of burial sites with female warriors on the Eurasian Steppes suggest that the Scythian women may have inspired the Amazon myth.[12][13] From the early modern period, their name has become a term for female warriors in general. Amazons were said to have founded the cities and temples of Smyrna, Sinope, Cyme, Gryne, Ephesus, Pitania, Magnesia, Clete, Pygela, Latoreria and Amastris; according to legend, the Amazons also invented the cavalry.

Three generations of ancient Amazon women warriors found in Russian tomb

‘For the first time, researchers have uncovered the remains of four Amazons with different ages in the same tomb, according to a release by Russia’s RAS Institute of Archeology.

Within the tomb, located in Russia, made of clay and oak blocks, they found skeletons of four women. One was estimated to be between 12 and 13 years old when she died, the second was 20 to 29 years old, a third was 25 to 35 years old and the fourth was 45 to 50 years old.

Scythians were nomadic tribes of warriors that lived across Siberia between 200 and 900 BC. And Amazons, like those depicted in the “Wonder Woman” film, were Scythian warrior women. The remains align with other previous discoveries to show that Amazons lived among other nomadic tribes in Eastern Europe.’.

Items found with the remains helped the researchers to estimate their burial occurred during the 4th century BC.

Iron arrowheads, a bird-shaped iron hook, horse harnesses, harness hooks, iron knives, animal bones, molded vessels and a broken black lacquer vase painted with a red palmette were found with the teenage girl and one of the young women. Their part of the tomb was disturbed by grave robbers in ancient times.

But the graves of the other young woman and the older woman remained pristine, still reclining on wooden beds covered in grass.

The young woman was buried as a “horseman,” which includes a specific grave tradition of cutting the tendons in the legs. Beneath her left shoulder was a bronze mirror, along with two spears and a glass bead bracelet along her left side and hand. Two vessels, including a molded dish with a black lacquer design and a one-armed drinking cup, were laid among her legs.

The oldest woman bore a surprise, besides her age. The average life expectancy of a Scythian woman was between 30 to 35 years old, according to the researchers. She was buried in a calathos, or ceremonial headdress, bedecked with floral ornamented plates and shaped pendants.

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  1. Mr Ramanan,
    very interesting! own community,the Nairs of Kerala are a matriarchal community , and there are theories of an origin from the Indo-scythians of yore!, or even perhaps the more overtly matriarchal sarmatians!


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