Madrasian Culture Benchmark 1.5 Million Year Attirambakkam

The ancient history of India is astounding especially for those who have been fed on a diet of history of India by Muslim Invaders, Britishers and Indian liberal secular Historians. Though research has been carried out in India to find its antiquity, though it is minimal,the results are not known to public in general.

I have been writing ,in this blog,about the antiquity of Bharatvarsha, Hinduism,Tamil and Sanatan Dharma.

I have been and am providing foreign sources to back up my claims,though there are plenty of Indian sources,because most people, especially from India, seem to lend more credibility to sources,though Indian sources are ancient and equally ,if not more authentic.

I have also written about the ancient archeological sites India,relating to Sanatana Dharma and Tamils.

One such is about the archeological site at Athirambakkam,near Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India.This site was the home of an advanced Tamil civilization and it is dated to be 1.5 Million years, using Cosmic Ray Exposure Dating dating

This site is a benchmark in Archeology as the group of sites yielding tools of this period,old stone age ,is called Madrasian Culture,so named after the capital of the state ,near which these tools were found.

I have seen sites which, though appear to be neutral ,question and cast doubts on even proven archeological finds.

The information on Athirambakkam stating that it was 1.5 Million years old was sought to discredited by saying it was an error and it was only 26,000 years old.Similarly the dating of Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu,date,which is about 20,000 years old,this also is sought to be brushed aside. I am providing information on Madrasian Culture fetal below,my article on Athirambakkam and Poompuhar antiquity.Poompuhar.

Poompuhar Find Sets Tamil,Hinduism By Atleast 20000 Years.

Those who want to be an Ostrich about Indian history,may continue to be so,for world does not become dark if cats close their eyes.

‘The Madrasian was named for its type site of Attirampakkam, near to the city of Madras (now known as Chennai), discovered by British archaeologist and geologist Robert Bruce Foote in 1863.[2][3] The oldest tools at Attirampakkam have been dated to 1.5 million years ago’

On 25th March 2011, the Indian and world archaeological community was blown away by a small, two-page article in the journal Science, one of the most prestigious international scientific journals on the planet. The article announced with zero fanfare that there was now irrefutable proof of the existence of an Early Pleistocene Presence of Acheulian Hominins in South Asia. In layman’s terms, the antiquity of human ancestors colonising Southern India was now a solid 1.51 million years ago, if not earlier – older than any dates of such a colonisation of Europe….

Million Year Tamil Site Pallavaram Chennai Dated Report. In an independent research study, Petraglia and his colleagues have analysed Acheulian tools in India that appear to be only 120,000 years old. The two findings suggest that the Acheulian toolmakers inhabited India for 1.4 million years – from 1.5 million years ago to 120,000 years ago.


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