Meaning Of Asrama Hinduism Four Stages of Life

One goes through Life.

IT is a dynamic process, where the environment changes, relationships are acquired, lost, brushed aside, wealth earned lost and retrieved.

One is after something and after acquiring it he loses interest in it, be it things people or relationships.

Man hopes, despairs and hopes.

Values change, both individually and at the social level constantly.

Though born alone and shall depart alone, one acquires Name, Fame and Relationships,

Only to Go alone, finally.

In the process, one changes and his position undergoes change.

If one were to classify these changes broadly to accommadate people of all Races, Religions, Faiths, Economic and social status, one can suggest ways to realize the Reality or God.

For realization is by the Individual and hence it depends on his Dispositions, Varna Character.

Your disposition towards things change as your Station or position in your changes.

No one remains the same from Birth to Death.

IT is the Universal Law.


If you do not change, you perish.

IT is Survival of the fittest and adaptation to circumstances and environment.

As one’s attitude to things and people change with changing circumstances, one has to take into account this while suggesting means to realize Self, Really or God.

Hinduism classifies Stages, Stations of one’s Life.

Irrespective of one’s Race color, Religion, Economic Status, one has to go through the following stages.

Brahmachari a, the Celibate State, Stage,

Gruhastha, Married Stage,

Vanaprastha, Retired Life and

Sanyasa, The Stage of Renunciation.

These are the four stages of Man.

Each stage has its specialities.

Accordingly each stage has been prescribed a method for Realization og Self, God.

These stages are called Asrama.

Asrama means a place one takes refuge in.

IT also means Station.

That is a status or stage in one’s Life.

This is the meaning of the term Asrama used in Hindu texts, including the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita.

This is the term used along with Varna as Varnasrama Dharma.

While Varna addresses Dispositions of individuals in general, Asrama denotes the stage at which the individual finds himself in Life.

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