Meaning Of Asrama Hinduism Four Stages of Life

This is the meaning of the term Asrama used in Hindu texts, including the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita.

This is the term used along with Varna as Varnasrama Dharma.

While Varna addresses Dispositions of individuals in general, Asrama denotes the stage at which the individual finds himself in Life.

Marrried Men Women Are Brahmacharis

It is called Urthvarethas,

Meaning that the semen flows upwards through the Chakras in the body to reach the Sahasrara in the head,

This Celibacy is called Naishtika Brahmacharrya.(not allowing the semen to flow down)

Bhishma is a Naishtika Brahmachari.

He is the only Naishtika Brahmachari, apart from Hanuman.

This is the reason, why Devavrataha, was called Bhishma, one who does the Impossible.

In the case of the Grahasthas, so long as their object of physical interaction is to produce progeny without Lust, they are also rated high in the scheme of things.

King Janaka is one such.

Dos And Don’ts Hinduism.

Though there are lots of Rules on Behaviour , a short list is prescribed by Patanjali in his, Yoga Sutras.

These rules re classified under two categories.

One is what to do and another what not to do.

Things what one is not to do.

1.Inflicting Pain on any living being.(Ahimsa)

2.Not speaking Untruth.(Sathyam)

One may notice here that speaking Truth is not classified under things to do or as a Positive concept.

The reason is that by refraining rom speaking Untruth amounts to speaking Truth.

Sometimes keeping quiet when forced to speak untruth amounts to speaking Truth.