Searching For a Job Then and Now

I have been posting, though intermittently on Education and employment opportunities.

Might be that I am moving only in such circles, I find that people get employed without hassles when compared to my days.

We used to hunt for jobs furiously,looking at newspapers for vacancies,asking people to put in a word for an interview.

We were not sure as to what kind of job we were seeking .

Anything would do.

Getting an interview card was the first highest point.

Getting through it , well, that’s another matter.

Then we had this task of preparing the Application.

Never had of such terms as Bio Data or CV.

Logo of Freshers world, job portal.
Freshers world Logo.

The format would be simple containing basic information, with no hyperbole about one’s capacity or statement to the effect,


‘my short term goal is….. and would help the organisation to realize its vision..’ etc.


And there used to be a debate whether the application should be handwritten or typed!


Now things have changed for the better, at least  in terms of job availability.


But ona reality check I have found that excepting the IT and Call Center segments, the job hunting fever remains high.


I find people with good qualification and better skills remaining unemployed and over a period of time get settled in a job where they are over qualified.


On checking up with HR ,senior people,I found that it is the same problem as it was in my days, finding the right candidate!


Job seeker and the employer do not connect.


There are now various job portals like Naukri,Timesjobs and many more.


To me they seemed to me more business oriented for the site owners!


I have come across a site where the information seems to be very useful and the site seems to address the needs of the candidates.


It has placement papers, tips for getting a job, jobs classified as Government, non Government, Technical, industry, qualification specific.

And Company specific.

The focus is more on Jobs in India.

To help the candidates who want to update their qualification and skills, there are references to Courses, institutes.


Be it IELTS or MBA or Software.


The Registration is free.


The link to the site ,

For Jobs in India,

Government Jobs,


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