The Ninety Six Sraddhas A Year Details.

I posted a couple of articles on Sraddha, the Ceremonies to be performed for the Ancestors.

Note that the Manvatantaras and Kali Yuga are accommodated,

The Sraradhas are Ninety Six in Number,Shannavathi’ in a Year.

Lord Govinda is the Ruling deity after Death’ for Apara Karya,

One would find Krishna being offered Srardha the Most in a year.

Please check the Pnachnga for the exact Punya kaalas.

The List.

1.Amavasya New Moon)-12.

2.Ugadi                                  -04

3.Manvataras                       -14.


5.Vaidruthi                            -13.

6.Vyatheeyapaatham        -13

7.Mahalayam                         -16.

8.Poorvethyu                          -12

Tamil Month wise  ,Chithirai(April   14)


New year, Vishuvath Punyakalam

Sukla Thruthyayi,Uthama Manu

Chaitra Pournami,Rowchya Manu


Vyadhhetha Patha Yogam-Vyadheetha Patahm,

Vydhrthi Yogam,Vydruthi


Masa (Month) Pirappu New Month-Vishnu Pathi

Vaisaka Sukala Thruthiyayai-Akshya Thrudhiyaiyai,Krutha Yugadi,

Amavasya, Dharsam,

Vaidruthi Yogam-Vaidruthi,

Vyadhipaatha Yogam-Vyadheepatahm.


New Month-ShadaSheethi,

Vyadheepaatha Yogam,Vyadheepaatham,

Vaidruthi Yogam-Vaidruthi,


Pournami-Pousya Manu,

Adiga Vaidruthi Yogam-Vaidruthi.


New Month-Dakshinayanam, Kataka Ravi Sankramanam

Sukla Dasami,Sakushusa Manu,

Vydruthi Yogam,Vyudruthi.

Vyadhipatha Yogam-Vyadheepatahm,


Ashada Pournami-Agni Savarni Manu.


New Month-Vishnu Pathi

Sravana Krishna Astami-Surya Savarni Manu,


Vaidruti Yoga-Vaidrithi,

Vyadhipatha Yogam-Vyadheepatham,

Pathrabhatha Sukla Thrutheedhayyai-Thaamasa Manu


New moth-Shadaseethi Punya Kalam

Vaidruthi Yoga-Vaidruthi,

Vyadheepatha Yoagam_Vyadheepatahm.


Pathrabatha krishna Thrayodasi-Dwapara Yugadi.

Perform Srardha on all the 15 days of Mahalaya Punyakala.


New Month-Tula Vishuvath,

Vyadheepatha Yoga-Vyadheepatham

Vydruthi Ekam0Vaidruthi


Sukla Navami-Swarosisha Manu,


Nw Month-Vishnu Pathi,

Vaidruthi Yogam-Vaidruthi,

Vyadhipatha Yoga-Vyadheepatham,


Sukla navami-Thretha Yugadi,

Sukla Dwadasi-Swayambu Manuvaathi,

Pournami-Indra Savarnya Manvaathi,


New Month-Shadaseethi,

Vyadheepatha Yogam-Vyadheepatham,

Vydruthi Yogam-Vaydruthi,


Krishna Sapthami-Ashtaka Poorvethyuhu,

Krishna Astami-Astaka Srardham,


New month, Uthrauyan Punya kalam


Vaidruthi Yoga-Vaidruthi,

Vyadheepatha Yogam-Vyadheepatham,

Krishna Sapthami-Astaka Purvethyuhu,

Krishna AshtamAshtaka,

Krishna navami-Anvashtaka.

Sukla Sapthami-Kali Yuga-Vaivasvatha Manvaathi,

Sukla EkadasiRaivatha Manu,


New Month-Vishnu Pathi,

Vaidruthi Yogam-Vaidrithi,

Vyadhhepatha yogam-Vyadheepatham,


Krishna Sapthami-shtaka Purvethyuhu,

Krishna Ashtami-Ashtaka,

Krishna Navami-Anvashtaka,


new Month

Amavasya -darsam,

Vyadheepatha Yogam Vydheepatham,

Vaidruti Yogam-Vaidruthi,

Krishna Sapthami-Ashtaka Purvetyuhu,

Krishna Astani-Ashtaka,

Krishna Navami-Anvashtaka,

Palguna Pournami-Brahma savarni manvathi,

Palguna Amvasya-Daksha Savarni Manvaathi

New Month

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6 Replies to “The Ninety Six Sraddhas A Year Details.”

    1. Insert occasions,with Varusha,Ayana,Maasa,Thithi,Vaara and Nakshatra.Mention occasion after these and use Srikanth Narayana Preethyartham for auspicious occasions and Sri Govinda ,Bovines for inauspicious occasions.Regards


  1. Sir, do you have the sankalpam for the 96 tharpanam (excluding the common ones such as Amavasya, Sankramana and Mahalyam which are widely known)? I would appreciate if you could share.

    Also, I wanted to highlight 2 contrary thithi on the list of 96 that you have published:

    1. Yugadi – You have given the thithi for 3 only. I came across the below too
    Maasi / Magha / Kumbha – Pournami

    2. Manvadi – you have stated
    Thai / Pushya / Makara – Shukla/Sapthami
    but I have come across
    Maasi / Magha/Kumbha- Shukla/Sapthami

    Apart from these 2 above, rest are matching.

    Sridhar Krishnan


    1. As to Sankalpa, follow the general format and insert the specific Maasa, Thithi ,and the name of the Sraddha.
      As to additional in Yugadi and Manvantara, the ones you have mentioned are alos followed.May be they are sanctioned taking into consideration, the Veda Shaka, Geographical location.
      One can always do more.
      Strictly speaking Tharpana has to e performed Daily.


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