The Guide to Solo Travel for Women: 5 things to keep in mind

This is a Guest Blog by Manya Singh.

More than the thrill and challenges of traveling and trekking , is the personal safety of a woman that is more important when one does not know who a Rapist is.

And usually the people whom you know are the culprits as a recent rent study points out that it is the close relatives, about 60 %, who are responsible for misusing woman and this is followed by people one befriends people out of nowhere.

This article takes this fact into consideration, instead of being foolhardy in the name of Feminism.

Wish women follow this, not only while traveling even in the city where they live.

It is true that crime does not come with a forewarning, and a criminal is lurking behind us at almost every step of our life. So, a woman is quite vulnerable to those myriad numbers of stalkers, voyeurs and rapists. Even the thought of traveling solo can be daunting for a lot of introvert girls. But believe us, women are indeed traveling alone these days. I have this friend (a beautiful spinster in her early 20s) who recently went backpacking to Bangalore and traveled alone in trains and in buses. And she later told me that she had a blast.

Icelandic Skier Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir Completes Her Epic Trek To The South Pole
Woman Trekking alone.

Of course, solo traveling comes with a few risks. But as long as you have done your homework carefully, you are likely to end up on a winning note. Traveling alone can be a fun, especially if you are a carefree, fun-loving girl! But here are a few things you need to keep in mind, just in case:

  1. Travel to safer destinations: Traveling to a destination which is isolated and vulnerable is unsafe even for a solo man! If you are a woman, you should ensure that the city or the country you are heading to is right up there on the popularity radar.
  2. Take help of professionals: It is best to travel under some tour package so that you can be guided by your tour operator. It makes sense to have some helping hand by your side especially when you are flying to an offshore destination.
  3. Keep a pepper spray in your bag: Safety is a relative thing, and a beautiful woman may fall under the evil eye of a stalker during the most unexpected of times. It is always good to tread along the safe line. Better keep a pepper spray ready so that, if need arises, you can get away from his perverse clutches. This is a precaution and you may not need it after all.
  4. Learn to say no: At times, you may bump into a stranger (a male stranger) who may try to get friendly with you! There is no harm in forging friendships with a good bloke, but it would be naïve of you to accept unusual requests (like a homestay) from him (no matter, how charming he appears to your fluttering heart). It is good to refuse politely so that the person does not get offended. But just in case, he sticks on like a frightening creeper, you should be willing to bluntly say a big ‘NO’.
  5. Stay at reputed hotels: A woman is at her vulnerable best after the sunset. You may be ruing the extra expenses, but it is always ideal to stay at a resort or a hotel which is reputed. Staying at a cheap inn or lodge can come with some cons. There may be insecurities of certain kinds (like that spy camera in your hotel room, etc )! A branded 3-star hotel would keep you safe and happy! Besides, with a tour package, you can always book a room cheaply.

Finally, you got to remember that one cannot, after all, stop eating just because he is scared of indigestion! Similarly, you cannot stop traveling just because you are intimidated of stalkers! Believe us, life is evanescent! Make the most of it, before you run out of it!

About Author:

Manya Singh is photographer and solo traveller by hobby, travel blogger by passion and lifestyle writer by profession. At present she is responsible for managing holiday packages at WeAreHolidays.

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