Arudra Darisanam Lord Siva Facts


The Arudra Darisanam falls on the 26th of December,2015.

10, Maargazhi Masam, 1937 Shaka, Sri Manmatha Year, Kaliyugam 5115.

It is the Star in which Lord Siva is assumed to have been born- Arudra or Tiruvadirai in Tamil

Worship of Siva on this day is considered auspicious.


Lord Siva is called ‘Ayonijan’-the One who does not reside in a Womb.

Lord Vishnu when he descends to Earth, assumes a particular form and goes through the motions befitting that Birth.

As in Rama, Krishna, Balarama,Vamana,Parasurama,Narasimha,Matsya,Koorma,Varaha….

In the first three he undergoes the ordeals one is expected to go through as a Man, while in the others His behavior was in keeping with the characteristics applicable to the Genus.

Lord Siva, on the other hand, is never born of a womb nor does He undergo the trials and tribulations specific to the Genus.

He appears from nowhere suddenly , does His job disappears as in Pitukku Mansumanathau.Sundarar episode,etc.

Siva Facts.

Siva means ‘prosperity’ ,Mangalam in Sanskrit.

Siva is not to be confused with Rudra who forms the Trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu, just as one gets confused between Narayana and Vishnu.

Rudra is One of the 11 Rudras while Vishnu is one of the  12 Adityas.

This is the reason in Brahmin Marriages,of Aiyars, the ‘Cheer’ is 11 or multiples , and in Aiyangars, it is 12 or multiples thereof.

‘Adithyaanam aham Vishnu’

‘Rudranaam Sankarosmi’

Bhagavad Gita.

Sankara is one who destroys to recreate, Vishnu is One who protects.

(Vishnu is from the Root Jishnu meaning the Supporter or Protector)

Siva represents Five Functions.




Thirodaanam -Hiding(The Reality) and


He is The Laya or the Cosmic Vibration.

He Dances to His Laya(Cosmic Dance of Lord Nataraja)

His Moolaksharam or the Mantra that represents and Bonds Him is Panchaakshara-Five Letters.

Nama Sivaya

Some pronounce it as Namach chivaaya-this is incorrect

Lord Nataraja
Lord Nataraja

These Five letters represent Five Elements, Pancha butas that make up th macrocosm

Earth,Water,Fire, Air and Ether.

It also represents the Panchtendriyaas-(Gnanendriyaas)


Lord Arunachaleswara.
Lord Arunachaleswara.

It represents Five Karmendriyaas,





Tactile sensation.

It also represents the Qualities of





Tactile sensations( these five are called Tanmatras)

He is the embodiment of the Dormant Energy.Animates

Coupled with Parvati, His consort who is the representation of Dynamic energy, He is complete.

Siva’s Quality is Hot, therefore we offer Him Vilva , which is cold in Nature.

He is Hot because He resides in Burning Ghats, Narayana is Cold as He is in Ocean of Milk which is cold(therefore we offer Tulsi to Narayana as it is Hot in Nature.

His Color is Red Hot Ember.

He is The Silent Preceptor, Lord Dakshina Moorthy, who teaches through Silence.

Lord Krishna teaches through Discourse.

Lord Siva is to be approached as you approach a Guru, while Narayana as Your Father.

Siva is reprsented as Linga, the Male Principle.

Arudra Darisanam is celebrated with devotion at Tiruvannamalai, Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu on a Grand scale

E SWARA-006-Mahaperiava-Discourse on Arudra Darisanam.Part I flv

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  1. It is the ultimate secret a man should know and even in old testament when Moses received the 1st commandment (I am that I am) which is exactly the same.


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