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Nanjangud- How a Temple should not be,could do with some Puja.

Recently I visited the famous  Srikanteswara Temple in Nanjangud ,25 km from Mysore Karnataka.

The Srikanteshwara Temple at Nanjangud is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, also called Sri Nanjundeshwara, “The God who drank poison” to save the earth. In Hindu mythology, the Gods and demons churned the ocean in search of the ambrosia. During this churning, poison emanated first, followed by ambrosia. To prevent the poison from spreading across the universe and to destroy it, Shiva came to the rescue and drank it up. His wifeParvati then held his throat tightly to prevent the poison from spreading to the rest of his body and killing him. Narada held his mouth so that he did not vomit it out. The poison remained in his throat, making it blue in colour. For this reason, Shiva is also called Neelakantha, or “the blue-throated one”. Nanjanagud literally means “the place where Nanjundeshwara resides.”


Nanjangud temple gopuram.
Nanjangud Temple.Hinduism

Lord Siva, who is the presiding Deity here is believed to cure diseases.

Tippu Sultan is reported to have prayed Lord Siva to cure his horse going blind and his horse was cured and as a token of his respect he is repoted to have gifted the temple with a necklace of Sapphire with a pendant,

The Lord here is worshiped as ‘Hakim Nanjunda’

I was pained to note that the pujas are not being performed properly, if at all they are performed.

I chose an Ekadasi(11th day of the waxing/waning Moon),which is auspicious for Lord Siva for Siva is associated with Ekadasa Rudras and Rudra chanted on this day gives best results.

During my visit, I noticed that no archanas being performed neither to the Deity at the sanctum sanctorum nor to the Utsava murthy.

No naivedyas, no offering whatsoever, including vertrilai paaku thengai(Coconut) .

For the noon abisheka, the screen was drawn for about five minutes before being opened.

No abisheka with Sri Rudra,.

People were breaking the coconuts outside the temple and carrying them inside and it was not even shown to the Deity.

Worse is that no Vibhuti prasadam was distributed.

This is being distributed, along with naivedyam in packets(which does not seem to have been offered to the Lord) outside the sanctum sanctorum by people who do not e seem to have taken bath.

Bilva leaves were strewn all over the place.

However  huge buildings are coming up  to make the pilgrims stay comfortable.

But the very essence of temple, that of Mantras and naivedyams,Abishekas are absent.

The Brahmins who are supposedly in the temple  should know that they should discharge their duty as Brahmins and should not bring disrepute to the community.

May be they should visit temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to know how poojas are to be performed.

I am sad to say this,Nanjangud temple is an example of how a temple should not be.



  1. It is very painful to see Nanjangud temple seva activities are in such a bad shape. No arcane tickets are issued during Purnimas or Amavasyas. The Sankalphas too, are not being done properly, the Bilva leaves on which we make the Sankalpha, is not even offered to the Lord, while at the time of Archana. There is absolutely, no Archana, nor even, a chant from the Rudra Mantras. The only thing they say about to those who have got receipts either a Panchamrutha, neivedhya etc. They yell loudly to the devotees to see the Seva, the moment it is over, they make you vacate the place. While making a Sankalpha, a DAKSHINA is a must, if not, they snare at you. For each and everything, nothing moves without an offering of a Dakshina.

    I have raised the matter with the temple, but it is absolutely of no use. The Brahmin Priests make a lot of money. Some of them go to Mysore which is 30 minutes from Nanjangud to participate in Horse Race Bettings. This had come out even in the news papers. What a shame, a wonderful temple, looked by Brahmins themselves in a sham way. God Rudra Alone Should Bless !


  2. I visited on a Monday. And the archakas there told me no pooja n abisheka seva tickets will b issued. I don’t know What is the problem, It is chaotic, proper boards should b there to indicate where to buy the seva tickets and where to buy the darshan tickets. It all seemed very chaotic and confusing. Temple authorities have to put up sign boards and information boards to ease the commotion and provide correct information. Especially some guards who were guarding the entry were rude and did not have the patience to even tell where to go for darshan and where to buy seva tickets. It’s a beautiful temple but people should feel comfortable also. Please put up some information boards for pilgrims information, don’t leave them confused and wandering. Om Namah Shivaya


  3. Visit the temple.Do not loose patience stand in q for your turn .be chanting Mrityunja maha mantra till u reach the santum .Do not close ur eyes . See Srikanta Manasa pooja yumnon


  4. ofcourse Nanjangud temple is very happy to visit because shiva is realy an very believable god.


  5. I am from Nanjangud, and I visit temple every Monday. I know a lot of people from temple too. What you have written is totally wrong to the knowledge I have (am not brahmins as you stress, there are lot of Lingayats/tammadis doing pooja in temple too).

    Abhisheka happens everyday 6 times, one of the few (only one if I exactly stress) temple in entire South India.

    People from villages especially never heed to instructions given by temple people not to break coconuts everywhere but only at specified places.
    Vibhuti prasadam is not offered yes, but we will open can of worms if get into it, its an interesting story though 🙂
    Temple maintenance is not easy as it looks, it is overcrowded on holidays and not so on working days.

    The problem with our temple is entirely different from what you have written but let me tell you it is one of the best run temples, especially the policing.

    Visiting temples on special days are tedious nowadays because of lot of crowd that it is attracting after the broad gauge was extended to Nanjangud.

    Do meet us though if possible next time, we will emphasize of how best people like us are trying to keep up the temple with the time.
    (I dont work in temple, but teach Mechanical Engineering in Mysore)


    1. The post was written more in anguish after my visit.
      I will be happy if it well managed.
      I ssall conatct you be email when I visit next and thanks.


  6. I have visited the temple and never noticed the sort written here. Visiting Tamilnadu temples to know how poojas to be performed is a big joke! I have visited Palani temple and enough is enough. One can notice any number of thugs, crooks and criminals there. If at all one want to visit a really good temple he can visit our own Dharmastala, Shringeri and Horanadu.


    1. The blog represents what was seen at the time of my visit.
      I agree that temples in Tamil Nadu also need better management.
      I agree with your views on Sringeri.


  7. Dear sir,
    there is no one look after the temples in this country.
    If u feel so strongly about the non performance of the rituals why dont you complain to the devsom board which controls the temples in this country to extract all the revenues for the state purposes.
    If at all u complain there will be no action. because the organisation wants u all to get converted into someother religion.thats the aim..
    End state of the hindu should get discussed with temples and get converted.
    dont bother
    the natural law..
    of the country ruled by the Italian KGB agent
    who gets ordr from vatican
    learn to live with that


  8. Some temples derive great power, some more powerful than others..
    Reason is the Veda mantras being chanted and sanctity flows there.
    Moolavars with out Veda mantras being recited, pooja not being performed properly,no naivedyams loose sanctity.
    Vedas with out faith in God is a text.
    Temples with out Vedic rituals belong to a piece of architecture.
    One is awed be grandeur of Tanjore Temple but to me the sanctity and peace of mind you get in a temple is absent there for this temple was built by Raja Raja to satisfy his notion greatness.
    That is the reason Lord Siva told Raja Raja that he would not be able to present in the temple at the time of its completion and that he will be visiting the temple built by Poosalar nayanaar.
    Raja Raja, to his chagrin, found out that Poosalar was a poor man and he built a temple in his mind!
    All of us can not become Poosalar or Ramana Maharishi.
    We need these rituals to purify our mind and help us advance in the path to realization.


  9. it is a great temple;i got a great sense of satisfaction after visiting the temple;there is no need to put too much emphasis on rituals;


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