Four Tools To Remove Negative Thoughts Yoga Sutra 1.33

The Mind,Manas,ascribes file folders like agreeable,disagreeable,the Genus the Stimuli belongs to.

It does not go further,excepting associating the Stimuli with Emotion.

But is Buddhi,this can be translated roughly as Intellect ,passes judgement by assigning Labels such as Correct,Incorrect,factual judgements ;Right or Wrong ,Moral Judgement.

Solution To Overcome Confusion Yoga Sutra 1.32 Samadhi Pada

It is the disposition of the individual on the one hand and the environment in which he grows up,which clouds one’s Mind,the other.

Multitude of Thoughts ,most of them occurring at the same time creates a conflict of Ideas.

It might be the clash of ideas,or the value system one has /been exposed to or merely the presence of totally contradicting ideas or overlapping ideas.

This,essentially,is because of the Perception one has of Objects and the ideas he forms of them.

The Object,we observe first ,as Fact.

I Am My Great Grand Father Lord Shiva

Shiva In Thiruvannamalai.

Some of my researches show that Lord Shiva lived as a Human being before being elevated into Godhood, but this needs additional proof( I am working on it)

One also finds that Parvati, Shiva’s wife is called,

Poorvaja, beyond beginning, elder to the beginning, Poorva Plus Aja.

Aadya. the Beginning.

Lord Vishnu is described as


Basic Principles Of Human Body 96, Siddhas

Siddhas are Realized Souls. Realization, as described in the Yoga Sutras,broadly, are two types. One is Savikalpa Samaddi, where the Realized Soul carries on with the normal way of Life while being immersed in the Brahman. Nirvakapla Samadhi is that where the Realized Ones withdraw themselves into Godhead and may not be active in day-to-day… Continue reading Basic Principles Of Human Body 96, Siddhas