Veda Compiled In Arctic Devayana Pitruyana Evidence Rig Veda

.The landmass in those ancient times were different from what we find today.

Please read my articles on Rodina, Pangea Super continents of ancient times.

2.Santana dharma was present throughout the world.

3. The Vedas were not compiled in one shot. The Truth ,as revealed to the Rishis were compiled as and when they were revealed.For details please read ‘when were the Vedas compiled’

So what is found in the Rig Veda is the oldest records.

What is mentioned in the Rig Veda about movement of Stars and Planets refer to the period and indicate the area wherethe people lived.

While the later Vedic texts mention Dakshinayna and Uttarayana, they refer to what they observed,that is the movement of the Sun to South or to North.

This is what we practice today.


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My intention is to provide information on Indian History and the Purana, Ithihahasa and The Vedas that they are not stories or fantasies but facts and history ,aprt from conveying deep philosophical thoughts.

Vedas Complied In The Arctic Why How By Whom ? Part 2

21.Vasi yoga is the predecessor of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and this was revealed in the South by Shiva.

22.The Siddhas,the Enlightened souls, from the south had a distinct system of Shiva worship and they were aware of Vedas. Patanjali,Agastya and Valimiki were Siddhas and have wriiten philosophical treatises in Tamil.

Valmiki mentions in his Tamil poem that he was a Vedic Brahmin.

23.The Avatars of Vishnu,(Parashurama,Vamana,Kurma and Varaha)took place in the south.Of these,Kurma and Varaha took place just after The Vedas were compiled.

24.The migration to north seems to have been necessitated because of Great flood in each yuga and Puranas/ ithihasas/Tamil classics assert this.

25.Thiruvannamalalai,Tamil Nadu is 3.64 billion years old and Jwalapuram,Cuddapah,Telengana,which houses Nataraja is 74,000 years old.

I can go on adding.