Definition of Purana Classification Verses

1. Sarga.

2.Prati Sarga.




Sarga -Creation and Evolution of The Universe.

Prati Sarga-Dissolution and re-Manifestation of the Universe.

Vamsa-Solar and Lunar Dynasties.

Manvanthara-Different Yugas, Aeons.

Vamsavali-Dynaties, other than Solar and Lunar.

This is definition by Amarasimha and others.

Time Recoils Earth Is 4.32 Billion Years Hindusim

A Kalpa is 12 hours of Brahma. 2 kalpas make a day and a night of Brahma.

He lives for 100 years on this time scale.

How many Mahayugas or Chaturyugas( Four) are there in a Kalpa?

There are 1000 or 1008, Mahayugas in a Kalpa Mahayugas in a Kalpa.

84 Chaturyugas is an hour of Brahma.

There are 14 Manvantaras in a Kalpa.

Check my post on this.( Link provided at the end of this post)

A Manu or an Indra lives for 1 Manvantara.

A Manvanatara is a 100 years of Indra.