What Is Certainty ?

I saw a Post on Truth and Beauty. I am providing the link towards the end of the post. I have been planning to write on this for some time. Whenever we talk of certainty what do we mean? That an event or thing will happen the way we expect it to happen? Again what is 'expected to happen? We expect things to happen indicates that we have seen some things, events followed some events, some experienced by us, some by the others, And we think the same pattern will follow. Just how scientific is this? I am talking about Science here, because it what people think is the solution for every thing and Science is the club used to beat Philosophy and Religion. When a religious information , or even a fact is presented, the immediate question, from the people, especially who profess to have a scientific temper(?), is, How certain are you? The same question is addressed to Philosophy. You Talk of Reality God. The retort is, Is it certain? Does it hold go

You can get something out of Nothing-Physics.

"One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you're just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing." -Werner Erhard One of the oldest adages in existence is you can't get something for nothing, as over a million websites will tell you, including … Continue reading You can get something out of Nothing-Physics.