Iran Invents TIME Machine

There was a report that an Iranian Scientist has invented a TIME Machine.   An Iranian scientist has invented a time machine that goes backward and forward in time! Sami Zabaghi, 37, registered “The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine” with the state-run Centre for Strategic Inventions.  Here is Sami: The Tehran scientist told WWN that his…… Continue reading Iran Invents TIME Machine

Time Traveler Caught With A Listening Device.

Physicists have confirmed that Time Travel is possible.

I have posted on this , on the different Dimensions of Space confirmed by Modern Astrophysics and the Video presentation of Various Dimensions of Space under ‘Astrophysics’ and TIme’

I have just received a Forward from the Alien Disclosure Group a Video where it shows a woman talking into a listening Device(not known to us).

“Very interesting footage from 1938 (Filmed in 1937 and released in 1938) which seems to show a woman holding an unknown device to her ear. It’s quite obvious she is talking into it, only question is what is it and who is she talking too? Footage credit to Petr Richter.’

Time Non Linear-3 Hinduism Explains How

The reason for this situation is the assumption that Time is Linear.   Time flows in one direction that is forward. What if Time is Cyclic?   That is, it flows around and depending on where you are.   Time moves both forwards and backwards .   Time is a stream; so is Space. Per…… Continue reading Time Non Linear-3 Hinduism Explains How

Time Non Linear 2-Flows Forwards Backwards

Time Zones differ.Let us leave the explanation or justification for the change in Time zones. The fact is, one in a particular Time zone can only visualize or imagine the reality of the other T Timezone , nothing more. From the individual standpoint, the time zone in which he is placed is the Reality and the other time…… Continue reading Time Non Linear 2-Flows Forwards Backwards

Time ,Non-Linear Theory. Indian Thoughts 1

Time is a very difficult topic ,so is Space. No clear definition of Time has been set as of Date. The interchange of the Terms Space and Time is a challenge to the known laws of Physics. When you observe the Black Holes  where time stops and runs backwards ; when you notice the movement of…… Continue reading Time ,Non-Linear Theory. Indian Thoughts 1