Sri Lankan Army Raped Tamils To Teach a Lesson

Human Right watch which will be submitting its Report to UN on Monday,disclosed that The Tamil Women were raped by The Sri Lanka Security forces,'to teach them a lesson" There seems to be no end to the atrocities being perpetrated by The Sri Lanka Government. The UN must ensure that this report is not also … Continue reading Sri Lankan Army Raped Tamils To Teach a Lesson

LTTE Prabhakaran and Son Tortured/killed Point Blank- Channel 4

To kill a child ..even if it were to be a terrorist's is deplorable. Even if it is war, what about Vienna Conventions? You can be tried like Milisovich of Bosnia or Nazis for The Final Solution. On this Single count SriLanka's war crime is proven.

Channel 4 To Telecast Film on Tamil Genocide -Pressurises UNHRC

  The Debate is on in UNHRC to censure SriLanka for the genocide of Tamils in SriLanka. The Resolution was moved by the US and 47 countries are to vote. China and Pakistan have decided to support SriLanka and Saudi Arabia has already spoken in favour of SriLanka. Resettled Tamils from SriLanka are taking regular … Continue reading Channel 4 To Telecast Film on Tamil Genocide -Pressurises UNHRC

SriLanka lays siege of UN.Guilty conscience? watch Video.

.Hear the Govt.officials on the 'Jolly good time the NCOs had with the Tamil women '.watch the extermination of Tamils. Scared of being taken to task, SriLanka is now using strong arm tactics to arm twisting the UN.

Gen Sarath Fonseka arrested.

Whether one agrees with Rajapakshe or not, it was totally wrong and reckless of Fonseka to discuss and disclose Defense details including of LTTE operations in public and declare that he differed with the Government in shooting down thos LTTE cadres who had come to lay down arms;had he felt so strongly , he should have resigned then and spoken out loudly.